Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mixing Nail Polish Finishes - Yes? No? Maybe?

Hey everyone.

I was going through my files looking for something when I came across this photo that I took a couple of months ago (as you can see, my nails were in the middle of a regrowth stage) and I thought that this would be a good time to discuss mixing nail polish finishes.

In this photo I used a black base, topped it with a matte top coat and then used a clear top coat to create the leopard design. It's subtle and I think that's what I like so much about this type of design. I know that there's been a big matte polish craze lately and I think this is one way that I'm able to get on board with it.
I've been meaning to try different combinations of this type of design to see what I can come up with (ie: different colour bases, different designs, etc).

So what does everyone else think about the mixing of polish finishes? Are you a fan? Do you hate the matte craze and just want it to end?

• Orly "Orlon Basecoat"
• China Glaze "Liquid Leather"
• China Glaze "Matte Magic"
• Orly "Sealon Topcoat"


  1. I think mixing polishes is a great idea. I love what you did. I haven't tried the matte finish polishes yet. I tend to stick to the shiny ones more. I amy have to give this a shot.



  2. Oh wow, this is crazy awesome! I totally need to try this!!!


  3. You are amazingly creative - I never thought to do this before. The final look is absolutely gorgeous!!

  4. Well I'm not a huge fan of crazy nail art ( I like to watch on others but on me it just doesn't work) but this is so soft and delicate that it looks amazing


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