Saturday, July 31, 2010

Review and Swatches - China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection (Part 1)

My local Chatter's finally got the Vintage Vixen Collection in and I didn't hesitate to get down there and pick up my polishes.

Review and swatches after the jump.

Classic Camel
This is a butter yellow beige colour flecked with gold shimmer. As unique and beautiful as this colour is, it just does not go with my skintone.

This is a darker version of Classic Camel and this one is much better with my skin. It's a greyish brown colour that's aslo flecked with gold micr-shimmer. However, the gold shimmer is not as apparent as it is in Classic Camel but it's definitely there. This is another very unique colour and definitely is in the top 3 of my favourites of this collection.

Goin' My Way
This is a deep bronze shimmer. It's not an entirely unique colour but it's still very pretty.

Swing Baby
This is a champagne foil. This is the only swatch of the bunch that needed 3 coats but the application was flawless.

Hey Doll
This is a rose colour flecked with silver shimmer.

This is a medium eggplant-plum colour flecked with metallic shimmer. Maybe it's just me but I'm sure that under some lights I see just a hint of green shimmer in this colour. It's a very pretty colour and I even decided to leave this one on after I did these swatches.

I'll post my overall review with Part 2 of the swatches.

p.s. Sorry that my swatches aren't the best, the boyfriend and I purchased a new camera today and I'm still getting used to it.

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  1. These colors are awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!


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