Thursday, July 15, 2010

Review - Nail Life Aromatherapy Drop On Polish Dryer

So, last week when I was at Sally Beauty Supply, I decided that I would like to try a drop on polish dryer to see if they really sped up polish drying time.
At first I was going to try Orly's Flash Dry Drops but then I saw that Sally's had a special on Nail Life products where if you buy one, you get a free cuticle remover treatment. Since I was also in the market for a new one of those, I thought that that would be the better deal. So, I went home really not expecting much but I'm super impressed with the results!

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First, the price is quite reasonable. I can't seem to find my receipt but I'm pretty sure that with my Beauty Club membership that it was ~$8.00 (plus with the free treatment, I couldn't go wrong). I remember that the Orly one was about the same price (maybe a few cents more). However, the size difference in these 2 is quite significant in that the Nail Life drops offers pretty much double the amount of product (0.6 oz for Orly Flash Drops compared to 1.19 oz for the Nail Life drops). Now, keep in mind, I haven't tried the Orly product, I'm merely comparing them because that was the one I was originally going to get. However, unless the Orly Flash Drops really do work some drying miracles, I'll stick with the Nail Life one since I get double the product for about the same price.

Moving on, I must rave about the scent of this product because it smells absolutely delicious. It smells exactly like watermelon candy and the smells lingers for a while after it's been applied.

Finally, the actual product works really well! It definitely speeds up drying time and my polish doesn't smudge as easily as it would normally. Plus, it has a moisturizing quality to it so you can massage the excess product into your cuticles for added moisture.

Overall, I think everything about this product is great and I would definitely purchase it again.
I don't like to give products a full score but I really have nothing even slightly negative to say about this so I'll give it a 10 out of 10.

You can find this and other Nail Life products at your local Sally Beauty Supply or here.

I hope this was helpful and as always, have a good day everyone!

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