Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How to - Save a Broken / Split Nail

Recently I had a bit of a nail-tastrophe when I clumsily cracked one of my nails. It wasn't a simple crack or peel at the tip of the nail either, it was a split at the corner at the very beginning of the free edge of my nail, meaning that if I were to fix it by clipping or filing, I would basically have no nail left. And then, since I'm a bit (read: A LOT) anal and can't have my nails uneven, I would have had to cut all of my nails short.
Let's just say, I was not happy.

That's when I remembered that a while ago while at Sally Beauty Supply, I decided to pick up Orly's Nail Rescue kit in case of any nail emergencies. Well thanks past Kayla because this kit completely saved my nails!

The kit comes with 3 products inside - nail glue, nail repair powder and a small buffer. The repair process is a simple 3 step process that takes next to no time.

Step 1: Brush the nail glue onto the entire nail (make sure it's completely clean first and be sure to avoid getting the glue on your cuticles).
Step 2: Dip the nail into the nail repair powder and remove the excess powder.
(Maybe it's just me but during this step my nail felt very hot although that went away rather quickly).
Step 3: Buff the surface smooth.

And that's it! So simple right?! And if you want a little extra protection, you can always repeat the steps over again.

You can now paint your nails with your favourite polish and wait for that break to grow out. It's very important though that you use an acetone-free nail polish remover in between manicures until you're ready to remove the glue/powder because acetone will eat through the glue/hardened powder. However, when you're ready to remove the powder, simply use an acetone formula polish remover and it'll soak right off.

Here's a picture of my polish-free (aside from a little nail strengthener) nails after using this kit:
Can you spot the fixed one?

The Orly Nail Rescue Kit is available at Sally Beauty Supply and it retails for about $8.00 CND.

Hope this was helpful!


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