Thursday, August 05, 2010

July Favourites

I know I'm a little late with this post but better late than never I guess!
I don't have much to talk about in this post since I have been wearing pretty much the same neutral makeup look all month. However, there's a couple of things I would like to mention.

Benefit Powderflage

This product is described as "a light-diffusing powder concealer for under eyes and face. Benefit Powderflage is a lightweight powder that camouflages fine lines, dark circles, or spots. It can be worn alone for light concealing or layered over a cream concealer for extra coverage."

It may seem like a strange concept since typically it's a makeup no-no to use powder directly under the eyes because of the threat of cakey-ness. However, this product is amazing! I have been using it for probably a year now and it's become one of my absolute staple products. Now, I don't have very dark circles underneath my eyes but whatever darkness I do have, this stuff clears it right up. I don't even use an undereye concealer anymore because this alone does the trick. But, like the description says, it can be used to set an underye concealer for extra coverage so I can imagine that it would also be helpful to those with more difficult darkness under the eyes. Also, not only does it camouflage darkness, it actually really brightens up the under eye area so it's a 2 in 1 type product.

The price of Powderflage may seem a bit steep at first (approximately $35 CND) but believe me, although the packaging seems small, there's a lot of product packed in there and it lasts a really long time. Like I said, I've been using this everyday for almost a year and I only just last week had to open up one of my back-ups. So, I got almost a full year of use out of this great product for only $35, which to me is an excellent deal.

Bottom line, this is a great product that provides great results at a great price.

Price: Approximately $35 CND
Where to buy: Sephora, Shopper's Drug Mart, Benefit's web store

Seche Vite Top Coat

Ok, yes, I am definitely a little behind on the Seche Vite wagon/train/whatever you want to call it but I have finally jumped on and I'm now wondering why I waited so long to do so.
This top coat really does speed up drying time and my favourite thing about it is that it doesn't make my nail polish bleed/drag. You see, because I do nail art pretty frequently, I tend to use several colours and with the old top coats I had used, colours would always bleed into one another, even after waiting upwards of an hour for them to dry. And, being the perfectionist that I am, it drove me absolutely crazy.
Well I don't have to worry about that anymore because Seche Vite has come to the rescue and ensures that my nail art doesn't bleed along with speeding up the drying time!

I have heard some people complain about the smell of Seche Vite since it doesn't smell like a regular nail polish/top coat, it smells more like paint thinner or spray paint. However, I actually like the smell better than the smell of regular nail polish so that's another plus as far as I'm concerned.

Price: Approximately $8-9 (depending on if you have a Sally Beauty Club Membership or not)
Where to buy: Sally Beauty Supply

MAC "Soft & Gentle" Mineralize Skinfinish

Alright, let's start off by saying that I'm a huge fan of MAC's MSFs and there's probably not one single one out there that I wouldn't love. Now because I love them so much, I also collect them and I find it difficult to even use any of my limited edition ones because they're so valuable to me. So, I decided to try the permanent MSFs since they're much easier to replace.

I am now in deep love with "Soft & Gentle" and I use it every single day as a cheek highlighter. It's a beautiful light shimmering golden beige colour and it works perfectly with my pale skin (although I think it would work with any skintone). I apply it with a MAC 188 brush (which is perfect for applying MSFs because it's small enough that you can concentrate the product in one area such as the cheekbone but it also applies it very smoothly instead of a creating a harsh line of product).

All in all, I love this MSF and I love it even more because it means I don't have to use my other limited edition MSFs except for special occasions.

Price: $33.50 CND
Where to buy: MAC

That's really all I've got this month.
Have a good day everyone. :)

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