Monday, August 30, 2010

Orly - Space Cadet

Alright, I started doing swatches of the Orly Cosmic FX Collection a couple of nights ago and the first one I swatched was this one, Space Cadet. However, I fell for this one instantly and couldn't stop staring at my hand so I ended up leaving it on and not swatching anymore of the colours. :P

Unfortunately, the intensity/colour-changing abilities of this colour simply cannot be captured in a photo. In certain lights and at certain angles, this flashes green, in others it flashes a deep purple while in others it flashes a mauve-pink; it's stunning!
The formula on this polish was alright but it definitely needs at least 3 coats in order to be opaque. In fact, when you first start to apply it, you might think to yourself that the formula is just too sheer to ever be opaque but trust me, it'll work out.

I've had it on for a couple of days now though so I'll be removing it soon and then I'll get the rest of those swatches up, along with a full review. (Unless of course I fall madly in love with the next one I swatch as well.)


  1. Ooh, that color is gorgeous. I can only imagine how pretty it is in person!

  2. Want this so bad XD, Ulta was sold out of it though.


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