Tuesday, September 07, 2010

August Favourites

Welcome to my monthly favourites series where I discuss my most used/most loved products of that month.

I've also decided to add a little something extra to my monthly favourites each month - I'm going to add in something completely non-beauty related that I have been into that month. So, whether it be a book I'm reading, a TV show I'm into or a pair of socks I really like, I'll discuss that as well.

Sigma E55 Eye Shading Brush

This is the brush that is supposed to compare to the MAC 239 brush but I have to say, they're in a pretty close race in my opinion. I'm not actually going to compare the two brushes, I'm just going to discuss what I like about the Sigma brush and why it's in my favourites this month.

I like that the Sigma brush has a pretty large brush head so it's able to deposit a good amount of colour - this is great if you're doing one colour all over the lid. As well, it's slightly fluffy which means that you're able to blend with it as you're depositing colour. It's also very inexpensive; if bought individually it only costs a little more than $9.00 CND. It can also be bought in a kit with either brushes, either the Sigma Complete Brush Kit, Eyes Kit, Face and Eyes Kit or you can use their Build Your Own Kit function and add this brush to your own customized kit. Lastly, one of my favourite things about the Sigma brush is that the brush hairs are dark so they don't stain easily.

Price: $9.00 US (which equals out to able $9.35 CND)
Where to buy: Sigma

MAC Blot Powder

I don't have much to say about this product besides that if you have oily skin, this is a life saver, especially during the summer months.

I usually use MAC's Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder as my after foundation setting powder but during the hot summer months, I switch to the Blot Powder as an extra shine control measure and it really does keep shine at bay all day long. This is definitely the oily-skinned-girl's best friend.

Price: $27 CND
Where to buy: MAC

Sterilite Shoe Drawers

Yes, simple plastic drawers are in my monthly favourites. Why? Because I recently re-organized/expanded my makeup/nail station and these drawers have been crucial to my organization scheme.
I now have 13 of these babies at my station and I think they're absolutely perfect for storing makeup/nail polish. Plus, they're dirt cheap which is always a plus! I'm going to be posting pictures (or possibly a video) of my entire setup/collection in the very near future so you'll be able to see just how useful these drawers have been.

Price: About $4 each
Where to buy: Wal-Mart

Criminal Minds

Here's my not-at-all guilty pleasure of the moment - the TV crime-drama Criminal Minds.

I've always been a big fan of crime shows so it should come as no surprise that I love this one as well. However, this one is different and it has very quickly become my all time favourite crime-drama (sorry CSI!).

I love the characters, I love the intensity and I love the story lines but I think that the reason this show in particular means a little something more to me is maybe because it's relative to my field of study. Since I'm (very happily) studying Sociology, Psychology and Criminology, it only seems fitting that I would love a crime show that instead of looking only at hard scientific evidence, actually uses behavioural analysis to solve crimes. Oh I just love it!

If you're into crime-drama at all, I definitely recommend this show.

Price: I got the majority of the full season DVD boxsets for about $25 CND
Where to buy: Wal-Mart
(You can also watch full episodes online on sites such as sidereel or tvduck

That's it for this month.
Have a great day everyone. :)


  1. I found a great, inexpensive alternative to the Transluscent finishing powder- ELF makes an HD one that I am loving and it cost me 6 bucks it works exactly the same if you can forgive the brand! I've tried others that didn't (fynerae? ugh)

  2. Thanks for the tip! I would always rather spend less and get the same results so I'll have to look into this. :)


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