Saturday, January 08, 2011

Update - Giveaway Closed, Ramblings, Etc

Hey guys!

How is everyone? I hope your holidays were all safe and happy!

I started a new semester at University yesterday and I can't quite seem to get into the groove of things yet. Usually I'm excited to start a new semester but I'm not feeling it this time. Maybe it's the looming cost of books that's setting me back. My province has one of the lowest tuitions in Canada yet the cost of my textbooks are definitely helping to bridge that gap. I actually had to drop one course because the books were $250 plus tax! And to top it all off, they couldn't be bought second hand (which I always try to do) because they come with some online code that can only be used once. What a sham!

Something exciting that's going on right now though is that my local Shopper's Drug Mart is getting an Urban Decay display (actually, they already have the display, they're just waiting on the products to be delivered)!
This might not seem exciting to a lot of you since you all have Sephora and MAC stores in your areas but I unfortunately don't have access to those types of stores in Newfoundland. In fact, we only got a Sally Beauty Supply this past summer! I usually have to order everything online which can be frustrating since I don't get to play with/test the products before buying them. But maybe Newfoundland is starting to get more in touch with the beauty world because Urban Decay is going to be here within a week! Maybe this is the start of something bigger! A girl can hope. :)

Anyway, enough rambling, onto the reason I made this post in the first place:

My giveaway is now officially closed. I will be announcing the winners within a few days and the prizes will be sent out soon after.
Good luck everyone!

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  1. $250 times what number of students = rich University... Do you at least have some kind of scholarship?
    Here we can photocopy most of the books except from English, but that's like $20-40 per semester for English + about $20 for the photocopies... But I'm under scholarship this year, and hopefully next as well ( €1000 is one year). But, I can't afford Sephora, MAC,Lancome,Clarins... we don't even have China Glaze, Barielle and other cool cosmetics here.
    So, don't be sad :)


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