Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Nails of the Day - Sally Hansen Salon Effects - Laced Up

Hey guys!

Last week while I was at Wal-Mart I noticed a display of the new Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips and although I'm not really a fan of nail decals, I have been reading some really great things about these throughout the nail blogger community so I decided to give them a shot. There were a bunch to choose from but I decided to go with this one called Laced Up as it's a design that I know I wouldn't be able to create using free hand nail art.

I'm going to wait until I remove these to do a full review of them but as of right now, I'm super impressed!

So, onto the mani:


Salon Hansen Salon Effects - Laced Up
Seche Vite Top Coat

P.S. You may have noticed the watermark on my image. I'm not happy that I've had to start doing this as I really dislike the look of watermarks but I have been seeing many of my photos popping up on tumblr and other photo sharing sites without giving me any credit/a link back to my site. I don't appreciate this as I spend a lot of time creating and executing my designs and I would at least like to be credited for my work.
For now the watermarks will only be on photos of my nail art, not on my swatch photos and hopefully there will be no need to put them on swatch photos in the future.

P.P.S. My Wet 'n' Wild Giveaway is now closed! I will announce the winner within the next couple of days. Good luck everyone! :)

Anyways, have a good day everyone! And remember to look out for my full review of this product!


  1. This is the pattern that I chose from the line, but have yet to use. Now that I see yours, I'm so excited to try it out. I've always dreamed of doing a manicure with real lace on my nails, but I need to work on my skillz first. Lovely! :)

  2. Hey hun just wanted to say i really love your blog and check it daily, but about the whole watermarking thing, I noticed that a few of ur designs are inspired by other guru's designs and they are not always credited... Like you strawberries dipped in chocolate... Melissa from the daily nail did the exact same thing a while ago and you wrote that you came up with it... and I know that you've been inspired by her designs in the past so...Anyway I don't want to nitpick i love your designs and swatches... xxxx

  3. Hey JennyFee,

    If I am ever inspired by another's designs, I will always credit them. Unfortunately, not every idea can be totally unique and usually designs have been done before in some form or another.

    I was unaware that Melissa did that design (which is strange as I've been following her for a while, I must have missed that one or it was done before I started following). For that design in particular, l did not take inspiration from anyone else, I suppose it's just coincidence that we both did that design.

    As you said, I have been inspired by her before because I have said so, meaning that anytime I am inspired by someone else, I do credit them for it. In this case, I was not aware that she had done it before me.

    Also, after reading back through my post, I understand how you might have misunderstood what I was saying and I will go back and edit the post to clarify. I was talking about my pictures being taken, not my designs. I have seen my photos of my nails without any credit being given to me. If someone else does a design similar to mine, I don't expect credit unless they were inspired by one of my designs. However, I expect to be credited when it is MY photo.

    I hope I cleared some things up here.

  4. I have been wanting to buy these and I was just wondering how the fit. I have a very weird shaped thumb (it is very short and stubby) and have been hesitant to purchase these. I know that you file them down but do you think that these would work for anyone?

  5. oh these are really cute! This is the first time I saw this particular design. I hope you can do a full review with this one. :)


  6. Jalisa-Ann: I do! First, if I were you and you're worried about your thumb, I'd start with the other nails first in order to get the hang of it and by the time you come around to your thumb, you're more familiar with the strips and how they work.

    Also, they're pliable so that you can stretch them a bit (gently of course) to get them to fit your nail shape.

    Furthermore, it comes with 16 strips so that you're bound to find something that fits and if you find that you're in between sizes, you can always choose the bigger size and trim it with the included manicure stick. :)

    ChinaDoll: Yup, I'l be reviewing this design in particular so keep an eye out for it! I also plan on picking up some of the other designs to see if they fare the same. :)


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