Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nails of the Day - Brazilian Flag

Hey guys!

About a week ago my blog/nail art was highlighted on a Brazilian beauty blog ( and since then I have gained a number of Brazilian viewers! I thought that it would be nice to welcome my new readers and what better way to do that then to dedicate a nail art design to you all?
So, here it is - the Brazilian flag! Hope you like it!


China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat
Nicole by OPI - One Time Lime (base)
Orly - Spark (diamond)
Milani - Blue Flash (circle)
OPI - Alpine Snow (banner)
Seche Vite Top Coat


  1. whoa so many followers now!

    p.s. i meant to tell you that i saw some nicole by opi new decals like the sally hansen ones, and one set looks so much like the crazy floral nails you did a few days ago! but with a purple background.
    i would have thought that they were what you based it off of had you not said it was off another person's design.

  2. Oh yeah I saw those too! They're called "Nail Apps" or something like that. I'll probably pick up a set for review purposes at some point.

  3. Gorgeous!!! You did a great job of getting the idea across without being completely literal. Perfection!

  4. Beautifully done! So percise & perfect<33 great mani!

  5. Such a lovely idea :) And the result is beautiful!
    Have a nice day ;)

  6. So Cute!!!

    I'm Brazilian ^^
    Love you're blog :D

  7. These colors are so pretty! Love this mani!

  8. Yes! I'm brazilian too, and your blog is on my list of favourites! Loooove nail arts, and this flag is perfect! Congratulations!

  9. Yay! I'm brazilian too! :)
    Your nails are sooo cute!
    By the way, have you ever used any brazilian nail polish?

  10. you're awesome i dont think anyone else would think of that to celebrate new followers :)

    shel xx

  11. Thank you everyone!!

    biamiy: I have not! Are there any brands you would recommend? I would love to do some research!

  12. Cute!

    Congrats!... from Brazil!!! ^^

    Emily @opss

  13. That looks great!! Congrats on the awesome blog

    (brazilian as well)

  14. Soooooooo perfect! Thank you for the surprise!! =)

  15. My favourite brazilian nail polish are Hits and Impala! I would like to send you some brazilian nail polishes if you want! I'll be very happy if you accept this gift and post your opinion about our nail polishes :)

  16. biamiy: Wow that's so generous of you! I would be happy to try out some Brazilian brands of polish!
    You can contact me at and we can figure out the details. :)

  17. I am one of those readers from Brazil you mentioned! :D Nice nail art, congrats! Perfect for the next World Cup, which will be here! Your blog's already in my favourites!

  18. aww that's so sweet of you!! Thanks for welcoming us (brazilian readers) in such a nice way!
    I have just started a blog and I do talk about nail polishes some :)
    I obviously dont have as great ideas (or talent whatsoever) as you do, but I still do it for the fun of it! ha!


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