Thursday, May 26, 2011

Temptalia is looking for contributors!

Hey guys!

Just a quick post today to let you all know (if you don't already) that Temptalia is looking for people to contribute to the Temptalia community! This could definitely be an excellent opportunity for whomever gets chosen and I hope that some of you will think about applying. I check Temptalia more than once a day and I think it'll be great to see some extra contributors.

I'm thinking about applying myself but still haven't fully decided. It would definitely be awesome to see my name on one the best known beauty sites on the web though!
Never mind, according to a recent comment, Temptalia is not currently looking for experts in nail care. Guess I'll be anxiously waiting for the day when she's looking for contributions from nail technicians! In the meantime, I really hope some of you will apply in the area of your interest.

Applications are being accepted until June 15th so you've got a while to think about it.

If you're interested, be sure to read the entire post on Temptalia's site.

Good luck to those who apply!

P.S. I'm still winding down after a hard week but I promise that I have a number of posts lined up for the coming weekend. :)


  1. What a neat idea! Too bad she's not looking for lacquerheads just yet - I thought about asking, but it's been covered in the comments.

  2. That's so cool! And what a good idea, I'm sure she'd overwhelmed with doing so much herself. I'm not passionate about anything there really... skincare would be my next guess, but I KNOW I'm not as passionate as others. Pursebuzz is also looking for contributors.

  3. Thanks for letting us know! That's definitely very exciting! :)

  4. Nicole: Yeah when I said that I was thinking about applying, that comment wasn't there about not looking for experts in the nail area. I'm glad you pointed it out before I applied though.
    Guess I'll be anxiously awaiting the day that she's looking for contributions from nail techs!

    Brooke: I know, I don't know how she does it!

    Huda Kaake: No problem. :)


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