Friday, June 17, 2011

Review & Swatches - Hard Candy Glossaholic Lipglosses

Hey guys!

Two makeup posts in a row?! I'm on a roll, haha.

A while back I showed you a packaging comparison of the Hard Candy Glossaholic lipglosses vs. the MAC Wonder Woman lipglasses and I promised in that post that I would eventually do a review/swatch post of the Hard Candy glosses on their own, so here it is.

These glosses are very special and if you're a polish gal like myself, you'll be excited to know that these have flakies in them! VERY cool.

Keep reading for more photos, the review, and swatches!

Vanilla (clear base with purple and orange flakies)
Apparently this gloss, along with Coffee (below) are "infused with mood altering elixir" and this one is supposed to give you a "relaxing" feeling. This to me is absolute hokum and I didn't feel any change in mood when I wore this, but maybe I'm just too much of a cynic. :P


Fairy (light pink base with pink and silver glitter and gold flakies)


Fireball (deep raspberry base with gold and orange flakies)
This one definitely looks intimidating in the tube but as you'll see in the swatch below, it's not as pigmented as it looks, which was a pleasant surprise to me because it suits me much better this way.


Coffee (clear base with orange, green, and gold flakies)
This is Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure in lipgloss form. Enough said.


Tipsy (medium pink base with pink and silver glitter and gold flakies)

Vanilla, Fairy, Fireball, Coffee, Tipsy

Overall, I really like these glosses. They're not too pigmented which I actually like because they're easier to layer that way and since I'm so fair skinned, darker, more pigmented colours can be intimidating on me. They're not sticky at all and have a more slippery feel when on the lips. They're also fairly long lasting - especially the flakies which tend to stick around for up to 8 hours. But most importantly, the little flakies make them super special and it's what I love the most about these.

The only problem I have with them is that their scent is very synthetic and I would even go so far as to say that the scent is overpowering with the Vanilla and Coffee glosses (which are already two scents that I don't care for). However, the scent quickly fades away after application so it's something I'm willing to deal with for a few minutes in order to have these pretty flakies on my lips.

Hard Candy Glossaholic Lipglosses can be bought at Wal-Mart and retail for about $5-6 each, depending on where you live. I think there's a couple of other shades available as well, but I only picked up these five.

What do you guys think about these glosses? Have you tried any? Any favourites?


  1. i can't imagine flakies on lips... i feel like they would get all over your teeth! lol!

  2. Haha, they really don't though!
    For some reason I'm super self-conscious about anything getting stuck between or on my teeth so I'm always checking my teeth in a mirror or asking my bf if there's anything on them, so if the flakies in these got on my teeth, they wouldn't be long going in the trash. :P

  3. I haven't tried any of these, but I do like them. The packaging is really cute, and the swatches impress. This post was really informative. Thank you :)

  4. I want them, but I dont know how it gonna look on me lol

  5. I love these. I have 2 of em, fairy and tipsy!

  6. These look so cute!
    I love how enchanting Fairy looks. <3 ^_^

  7. I remember when you posted about these a while back, how cute! I gave you a blogger award, check it out!

  8. I have the same two you do - Vanilla and Cafe - and also cannot stand the scent. I agree it goes away rather fast but I find myself reaching for others over these despite the nice flakies simply because of the nasty smell.

  9. Oh I love these :) Lip flakies!!!

  10. I have the vanilla and coffee ones and it looks like I need to pick up the rest too! They're amazing!


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