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Review & Swatches - KleanColor Crack Collection

Hey guys!

Yes, another brand has jumped on the crackle polish bandwagon and this time it's KleanColor. I was actually surprised to see these polishes at Lawton's Drug Mart as this is the first time that I've seen this brand in my area, so I'm hoping that this means that we might be getting more from KleanColor. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

At first I wasn't going to get all of these as I have a number of different brands of crackle polish (OPI, China Glaze, LCN) but I also wanted to show you guys the whole collection so i caved and got all 7.

Now, before you move on to the swatches, I need to let you know that it's VERY important that you read my review before you actually buy these polishes yourself. They're not your average crackle polishes and it took me a while (and a few nail wheels) to figure out the right method to use and I'll go over that in detail in my review.

Keep reading for the swatches and review!

Brown Crackle

Purple Crackle

Teal Crackle

Black Crackle

Green Crackle

Blue Crackle

Red Crackle

Brown Crackle (over Essie Sand Tropez), Purple Crackle (over Zoya Harley), Teal Crackle (over OPI Fiercely Fiona), Black Crackle (over Essie Splash of Grenadine), Green Crackle (over Essie Mint Candy Apple), Blue Crackle (over China Glaze Flyin' High), Red Crackle (over OPI Black Onyx), Red Crackle (over Orly White Tips)

Brown Crackle (over Essie Sand Tropez), Purple Crackle (over Zoya Harley), Teal Crackle (over OPI Fiercely Fiona), Black Crackle (over Essie Splash of Grenadine)

Green Crackle (over Essie Mint Candy Apple), Blue Crackle (over China Glaze Flyin' High), Red Crackle (over OPI Black Onyx), Red Crackle (over Orly White Tips)

You all know that I would usually review each shade individually but with these crack polishes, I found the formula to be basically the same with all of them so I didn't feel it necessary to go into too much detail in respect to the individual shades. Also, you'll see that Red Crackle is swatched twice and that's because my original colour choice of a black base was just too dark and it dulled the crackle effect so I opted to try it over a white base as well.

You'll notice that the crackle finish is significantly different from the other crackle polishes that we've seen and I really like that. In fact, I might even like this texture better! These ones actually "crack" while I find that the other crackles that I've tried have a more "shattered" effect (which is I guess why OPI went with that descriptor).

Now, onto the strange/negative aspects of these crackles:

To start, these are the most finicky and difficult polishes that I have ever had to work with. Seriously, I had just about given up on trying to figure out how to use these properly because no matter how much I tried, I COULD NOT get the desired effect. I started off by following the instructions which are printed on the bottle caps:

So, even though all of the other crackles that I have tried have had instructions to wait until your base polish is dry before adding the crackle, these ones said to apply the crackle over partially wet polish. Now, "partially wet" is pretty ambiguous to begin with but I assumed that it meant wait only a couple of minutes and then apply the crackle. However, if you actually apply these to partially wet polish, the result is disastrous.

Basically, what happens is the crackle polish spreads out and globs up in one quadrant of the nail. After having no luck with the partially wet polish, I decided to try these on top of a dry polish, just like any other crackle that I've tried before. Again, the result is awful. This time, the crackle polish dried to a powder and it can be completely rubbed/blown off. VERY strange!

After all of this, I had basically given up on these crackles and decided that I would either a.) thrown away or b.) give them to someone who was willing to give them the patience that I wasn't. So I stashed them in a drawer for a few days and yesterday I was feeling a little adventurous so I decided to give them one more chance.

This time around, instead of applying the crackle to partially wet polish, I waited a little longer until my base coat was just barely tacky. Finally, results! Although, it did take a full 15 minutes for the crackle effect to be fully complete. So at first it seemed like nothing was going to happen at all but about 4-5 minutes after applying the crackle, I started to see some small fissures forming around the edges. Those fissures then began to crack further and finally, 15 minutes later, I was left with the results you see above.

So basically, here's a quick rundown of how to work with these polishes:

- Apply your base color
- Wait roughly 8 minutes and then apply a thin coat of the KleanColor Crack polish
- Turn on the TV or some music because you've got AT LEAST a 15 minute wait before the crackle effect will be complete
- Apply your top coat

I found this method to work flawlessly once I figured out how to actually work with these polishes, but the road to getting there was definitely not a fun one.

Overall, although I definitely like this crackle effect, the trouble of getting these to work was a huge pain. If you're going to get these, I suggest trying the method I have suggested because otherwise, you might end up really frustrated, especially when you're used to other crackle polishes and their ease of use.

So what do you guys think? Do you like this crackle effect? Will you give them a try?


  1. thank you for this reviewwww. i was debating getting one. i think i might get the teal or black, just to have one with this effect.
    thanks for all your testing! hah

  2. oh oh put brown over yellow polish! instant giraffe! :P

  3. this is so pretty and sounds really complicated lol Awesome review

  4. I really like the way this crackles, but I am an impatient person so I don't know if I would get it.

    Though I do hope we start getting other keancolor colours here.

  5. How many companies haven't jumped on the crackle bandwagon? I'd be interested to see how short that list is.

    I like this crackle type... but I'm not very patient with nail polish. I hope other companies can mimic this but with a better formula.

  6. GREAT review Kayla!!! I appreciate your effort with these. It's helpful to know what works and what doesn't. <3

  7. Really love these! I love the way they crackle. Definitely different than all the other crackle/shatter polishes out.

    xo Nicole

  8. looks like the ones from born pretty. but if I ever get this, now I know how to use it :D

  9. Wow these crack really nicely!

  10. I love the way these crackle, much better than the normal crackle polishes.

  11. I love the crack pattern on these. It reminds me of the tea eggs I make <3

  12. Really strange that these work differently... I love the shade range though!

  13. Lawtons is pretty awesome with bringing us new brands lately huh? Thanks so much for the review, or I wouldn't know what to do with mine :)

  14. I LOVE the way these crack! So cool!

  15. Ooh. I love the way these cracked!! I love the crackles and shatter polishes. I don't think we sell this brand where I live. I just recently got the Sally Hansen ones. They are finicky too.

  16. They kind of remind me of a turtle's back! They look nice, but I'd have to say that I'm not a fan. Or, well, I'd rather get one instead of more.

  17. I saw these the other day but I already had $50 worth of nail polishes and a little makeup and my boyfriend was giving me the "really, you need more?" face. So I decided I'd wait. I wouldn't mind having it in my collection because I prefer the look of this crackle, but it seems too much work.

  18. i like the effect but sounds a like a pain to do!

  19. I haven't been a big fan of the "crackle" polishes by Opi and others but THESE actually look really cool!

  20. I just bought one today before reading this post.. Im glad i did because i was getting mad!! I found it at our local fleamarket for about 1.75usd. I shouldve got the others I only got red. Good to know it work on black because i was going to do that!


  21. I have these and I waited for my base to completely dry and it just flaked right off! so i waited for it to get tacky and I got that effect just not as much maybe because I didnt wait the 15 minutes. My bottle didnt come with instructions either. Thanks for the review!! It was very helpful!! (:

  22. I really like the way these cracked. It seems so perfect, however the wait time is a Great review! thanks!

  23. Can't wait for your review!


  24. I got this in black because it was only $3.99, but yeah, I had the same problem with the finickiness. I do just leave it now for a while before applying top coat... oh well!

    I am impressed at how opaque the black goes on when it's first applied. I wonder if KleanColor's regular polishes are that opaque on the first coat?

  25. Oh wow.. I Love the way these crack... It's really smooth unlike every other one i've seen.

    I haven't been a big fan of the crackles, but this makes me excited.. I like it!!

    For this perfect crack, I think I'll wait the time it takes... Just have to make sure to do it on a day I'm not too busy.

  26. Try the Lady Soma Skin and Nail Cream - it has really helped my cracked nails and flaky cuticles. After 1 week I noticed a big difference - My daughter uses the creme on the cuticles of her feet and is amazed how well its worked on her cuticles.


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