Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Current Project - "Untrieds" Drawer


I thought that tonight I would show you guys my current project as well as give you a sneak peak into my nail polish collection (and I promise you there is a full collection post coming asap).

This is my "Untrieds" drawer where I hold all of my recent nail polish purchases until I swatch them for you and on my own nail wheels. Usually I swatch polishes for you within the first couple of days of getting them but for my own wheels, I typically have a swatching marathon once every couple of weeks, but this varies depending on how many I've acquired, really.
However, I've neglected my own wheels lately and it's left me with quite a large drawer of untrieds, or unswatched if you prefer.

Keep reading for more photos and a full list of the polishes you see above.

So what do you see here?

At the back of the drawer are my newly acquired Nfu-Oh Holographic polishes (I mentioned these in this haul post and #61 and #65 arrived today).

In front of those we have the Orly Happy Go Lucky Collection as well as 4 colours from last year's Orly Sweet Collection which Sally's recently started carrying as open stock.

Continuing down the left side we have a slew of OPI polishes including the Katy Perry Collection, the Texas Collection, the Blue-Hued Shatters, the OPI Serena Williams Glam Slam! England duos, OPI Red and White Shatter from the Glam Slam France duos, and a few OPI DS Series polishes including Original, Classic and Reflection.

Moving over the right side of the drawer, we have a number of China Glaze polishes in the front including the Crackle Metals Collection, the original Crackle Collection and 5 shades from the Tronica Collection (as mentioned in this haul post).

Behind the China Glaze polishes we have 2 Revlon colours - Royal and Perplex.

And last but not least, at the back of the drawer on the right hand side, we have a number of Essie polishes including the Resort 2011 Collection, the Braziliant Collection as well as a few open stock colours that I've accumulated.

So that's it for my untrieds drawer! I think a swatching marathon is way overdue.
Did you guys keep an "untrieds" drawer? Has it gotten as out of hand as mine has?


  1. Mine is not as organized as yours but I do have a LOT of untried polishes.

  2. ooo. as per pokemon.. "gotta catch them all"
    or in this case.. gotta swatch them all :)

    cant wait to see the swatches :D

  3. I have an untrieds hatbox. And the number of polishes in that box is shameful. Truly shameful.

    But it isn't stopping me from buying more polish. ;)

  4. I dont have a separate drawer, but I put little stickers on the tops of the bottles when I organize them in my Melmer. That way when I go to look for a specific color, I always choose an untried.

  5. I don't have a drawer. I put them in my collection like normal and write down the ones I've yet to try. Also in my spreadsheet, the ones without ratings have not been worn.

    I really need to get to my untrieds though, BEFORE they get out of hand.

  6. Omgee....these are only untried....I'm jealous

  7. KayJay: That's a GREAT method - I like that much better than mine!

  8. lol... I agree with Kayla except I have no method at all. Adventures into my polish drawer often end up with me exclaiming... "Oh, I forgot I had that!" I need a Melmer or two now. :o)

  9. Ahhh beautifully organised. I usually keep all my newbies separate but once I get another set of drawers I think I'll utilise your method. :)

  10. Those all look beautiful! How have you managed to stay away from the Nfu-Oh holos?!?!
    My untrieds started out as a box of China Glaze polishes I got online, and has just kept growing!!! I definitely need to do a swatch marathon, but I try things on and don't want to take them off!

  11. So nice and organized. Is this a Helmer drawer possibly? I don't think I have a spot to put a Helmer in my tiny house. I would have to get rid of something to make room - which is possible. I keep a Rubbermaid box of my dupes and I am just going to in the next week sort out my untrieds because I went way overboard in the past 8 months buying.

    I am really wanting to know who/where you get your art wheels from? I need to purchase about 600 count (not of art wheels but of wheels that have avg of 20 nails on them each). I would really appreciate a suggestion on who you get yours from and if you feel their quality is there as well as the cost. I found an etailer listed on a lot of bloggers pages where I can get them for ~ 67 cents per wheel if I buy 10 or more which is certainly in my #'s game. White over clear is what I think I want to go with. Love to have a comment back on this. Thanks.

  12. love it! so organized! I just got a helmer last weekend. it's pretty noisy. yours looks like a melmer, right? :)

  13. Helmers - Melmers - HELP! I had only heard of Helmer until now. What's the differences? I need some helpful education here!

  14. a traveler: Haha, not to worry, I swatched my Nfu-Ohs for myself the minute they arrived, they're just in the "untrieds" because I haven't swatched/photographed them for you guys yet. ;)

    Olivia Frescura: Yup, it's a Melmer drawer. And the third drawer in Melmers isn't on a track so it makes a lot of noise as well. My bf suggested rubbing some candle wax on the inside of the drawer to give it some friction and that might dial down the noise factor so I'm thinking about trying that.

    beachgal: This is a Melmer drawer and a Melmer is an invented term for a 3 drawer storage system that can be bought at Michael's stores. We call it a Melmer because it's extremely similar to the Helmer by IKEA but it's bought at Michael's instead. I did a post of my Melmers when I first bought them here: http://kaylashevonnebeauty.blogspot.com/2011/05/nail-polish-collection-reorganization.html

    Regarding the nail wheels, I get mine from eBay but I honestly don't get them from any seller in particular - just whatever is the cheapest. I generally buy them in sets of 10 at a time and it's usually about $2.50-$3, including shipping.
    I always make sure the seller has a lot of good feedback though.

    Hope this has helped. :)

  15. can't wait to see these all swatched especially the nfu ohs :D

    shel xx

  16. I need to organize mine. All my polishes are in 4 shoeboxes and I originally had them organized by brand because the bottles fit better, but I am totally in need of a storage system that works for a college student but isn't too bulky or too expensive. And my collection just keeps getting bigger. I can't imagine how it's going to look after I do my birthday haul in fall!


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