Sunday, July 03, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial - Rainbow Leopard Print

Hey guys!

So last week I put up a poll in my sidebar asking you all to vote and let me know which of my previous nail designs you would like to see a tutorial for next.
It was pretty neck and neck for a while between Rainbow Polka Dots and Neon Rainbow Leopard but in the end, with 37% of the votes, the one you guys wanted to see the most was this one:

Keep reading for the tutorial!

  • Base and top coat
  • Black polish
  • White polish
  • Six polishes to make up your rainbow colours (I'm using neon shades today)
  • Small nail art brush

Step 1:
Apply your base coat.

Step 2:
Apply one coat of your white polish (it doesn't have to be perfect since we're going to be covering it up). This will make the neon colours you're using pop and will also just create a better base for your design.

Step 3:
Take the first of your rainbow colours (I'm starting with pink) and and paint a rough diagonal line at the base of your nail. How thick or thin you make this line is going to depend on the length of your nail (i.e. if your nails are on the shorter side, you should make these lines thinner than what I'm doing here).

Step 4:
While the pink is still wet, do another rough diagonal line using your orange polish, making sure to slightly overlap the two colours.

Note: Neon shades dry rather quickly, so if you're using neon shades like I'm doing here, you're going to need to work quickly and you should only work on one nail at a time. You should also have your colours lined up in the order you'll be needing them, with the caps unscrewed for faster access.

Step 5:
Move on to your next colour and repeat Step 4.

Step 6:
Continue repeating Step 4 on all of your nails until you've used all your colours and your nails no longer have any white space left.

Step 7:
This step is optional, but you may want to go over your colours once more, especially if you're using neon polishes. At this point you can also clean up the edges of your polish.

Step 8:
After allowing your neon colours to dry, drop a bit of your black polish onto a piece of scrap paper. Then take your small detail brush and using the black polish, make random & jagged C, backwards C, U, upside-down U, O and dot shapes. Remember that this doesn't need to be perfect - leopard spots aren't perfect! However, if you're not comfortable with your freehand skills, there are a number of animal print stamps available from brands such as Konad, Bundle Monster, etc.

Step 9:
Finish doing the spots on the rest of your nails and after allowing your design to dry, add a layer of your favorite top coat. This will make your new mani last longer, it will smooth out any bumps that have been created during the process, and it will also give your nails a nice shine. As well, for this design in particular, a top coat helps to blend the rainbow colours even better.

I hope this tutorial was helpful! And if you try this design out for yourself, be sure to share it with me on the Nails by Kayla Shevonne Facebook page!

Thanks for looking!


  1. such a great tutorial!
    i love the way you set it up

    <3 BB

  2. This is one of the BEST! It's so vibrant and beautiful!

  3. I love it!! This is an awesome idea that I will someday attempt, but I know it won't be as awesome as yours.

  4. Great tutorial! I think this color combo is stunning!

  5. One of these days I may try a free hand cheetah--because you do make it look so easy! This is so fun and funky!

  6. That looks amazing! I have to try it!

  7. thanks for the great tutorial you made it look very do-able even for someone like me who is art challenged.

  8. Fabulous tutorial! This is a great mani!

  9. Super cute! This reminds me of LIsa Frank! haha

  10. so nice. i love brights and i LOVE Poolside collection.

  11. YAY, THIS. IS. AMAZING!!! I love your nail art, you inspire me! I want to try this and others nail art made by you, I will do it soon. You're great! :)

  12. awesome tutorial! i didn't know it'd be so easy, you explained it well :)


  13. GAH! I love neon rainbow designs!

  14. ohh wow cool i would love to try this soon..

  15. Awesome! I've been wanting to do something like that for a long time... I love it!

  16. AMAZING! Great tutorial, i'm so going to try this out soon =]

  17. Great tutorial and fab design! Thank you :)

  18. I loooove this mani!!
    Thanks for the tuto!

  19. That is freaking awesome! I definitely plan to do this myself.

  20. I've been following your blog for quite a long time, and I love all the posts!
    exception! you're a great blogger:)
    I also have a blog about nails, but I am Brazilian and the entire blog is
    in Portuguese ..
    if you could visit it and comment, make me very happy!

  21. Kayla! I love these so much and just received my nail brushes in the mail! I'm totally going over the tutorials now to see what I'm going to attempt. Should be fun.

  22. Hi I tried to do a rainbow and got, is there on my blog!



    those are mine!! :) btw - love your blog <3 :)

  24. I dont know why but my nail art brushes never work!! I have bought 3 different sets thinking it might change.... But when I go to draw with it, the polish is very light and you can hardly see it. Its not dark like the polish should be......any suggestions?

  25. What a brave girl you are Kayla to redo all of your tutorials! But it will be a great opportunity for me to pin each one on Pinterest and share your amazing work with my fans! Keep it up chicky! You're amazing! ~Ana

  26. I love this take on the leopard print! The colours are bright and fun and look amazing together!
    I defintiely need to invest in some of those China Glazy shades.

    Thanks for all your tutorials.. they've been super helpful!


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