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Review & Swatches - Color Club Wicked Sweet Collection

Hey guys!

A few days ago Rebecca alerted me that my local Winners store had the Color Club Wicked Sweet Collection in stock so I quickly snagged myself a set. Sadly, Color Club isn't sold open stock in our area - Winners is the only place that sells the 7 piece sets and their stock is usually pretty random so I was happy to find out that they're actually semi-timely with this year's summer sets.

The Wicked Sweet Collection is a 7 piece collection of neon shades that are scented when dry. It was released along with the Starry Temptress Collection - a 7 piece collection of neon glitter shades. I ordered the Starry Temptress Collection online when it was first released and I meant to post swatches for you guys but I wasn't happy with the pictures I took and I never did get around to trying again. It's still on my "To Post" list though.

Anyways, onto the review/swatches.

Keep reading for the swatches and review!

Color Club Wicked Sweet Collection: Wicked Sweet, Raspberry Rush, The Lime Starts Here, Yum Gum

Color Club Wicked Sweet Collection: Get Your Lem-on, Gimme a Grape Big Kiss, I Always Get My Man-darin

Wicked Sweet (bright blue with green and blue shimmer)
This is obviously the namesake shade of the collection and it's also my favourite of the whole collection. It's gorgeous and reminds me of the way Zoya Phoebe from the Mod Mattes Collection looks when you add top coat to it. I'll have to do a side-by-side comparison to see how they compare. My swatch is 2 coats and it's one of the most opaque of the bunch. The formula is also really good - it flowed very nicely.
The smell of this one was a little confusing because the other shades basically tell you what scent to expect from the names of the polish but the name of this one doesn't really give you anything to go by. I originally thought it would be blueberry scented because of the colour but I didn't really get a distinct blueberry scent - I basically just smelled a sweet, candy-like scent. Sorry, that's the best I've got for this one!

Raspberry Rush (bright raspberry pink jelly)
This reminds me a lot of the Sorbet finish polishes from the OPI Texas Collection so I'll have to do some comparisons with those. This was easy to apply and I did 3 coats of it below and it's still translucent, although that's the point of a jelly polish.
I didn't get a distinctly raspberry smell from this one - it was more of a general berry candy smell.

The Lime Starts Here (bright lime green jelly)
This one is super bright and I can only imagine how bright this would be over a base of white! It has the same jelly formula as Raspberry Rush. My swatch below is 3 coats.
Now I usually LOATHE the synthetic scent of lime. Like, to the point where it makes me feel ill. However, this scent isn't overpoweringly lime - it seems to have a bit of a berry scent mixed in as well.

Yum Gum (bright pink creme)
This is the only creme polish of the bunch and it seems to me to be super dupe-able but I've been fooled by thinking that before (I'm talking about you Orly Frolic) so I won't say that for sure until I do some comparisons.
This is the worst smelling of the bunch for me but that just comes down to person preference. It smells exactly like Hubba Bubba Bubblegum and I've always hated that scent.

Get Your Lem-on (bright highlighter yellow with green shimmer)
I freaking love this colour! The green shimmer makes it really special and I don't care that neon yellows wash out my pale skin - I'll go get a tan just to wear this shade. The formula was really nice but it was sheer so I needed 3 coats to get to the opacity you see below. I actually used this in a funky french mani that I did for a client last night (using Zoya Apple as the tip colour) and it looked awesome! I wish I had gotten a picture to show you guys.
The smell of this one was a bit sickly at first but once it dries it's actually really nice and not overpowering. I find lemon scents (no matter the product) are usually either hit or miss - it can be too sweet or it can smell too much like a household cleaner. This one is neither of these - it's just sweet and delicious scented.

Gimme a Grape Big Kiss (bright grape purple jelly)
This one is along the same lines as Raspberry Rush and The Lime Starts here and I'm thinking it might be close to Houston We Have a Purple from the OPI Texas Collection so I'll compare those shades asap. Same formula as the other jellies in this collection and my swatch is 3 coats.
This is the most powerfully scented one of the bunch and the scent lingers for a long time so if you don't like the synthetic smell of grape, I'd stay clear of this one.

I Always Get My Man-darin (bright orange with green shimmer)
This one has that same green shimmer that I really liked in Get Your Lem-on and I really like it in this one as well. Once again, great formula and my swatch is 3 coats.
This was the least powerfully scented and I can't detect any scent at all right now (I swatched these 3 days ago). Originally though it was a very light orange-y scent.

Wicked Sweet, Raspberry Rush, The Lime Starts Here, Yum Gum, Get Your Lem-on, Gimme a Grape Big Kiss, I Always Get My Man-darin

Wicked Sweet, Raspberry Rush, The Lime Starts Here, Yum Gum

Yum Gum, Get Your Lem-on, Gimme a Grape Big Kiss, I Always Get My Man-darin

I Always Get My Man-darin, Gimme a Grape Big Kiss, Get Your Lem-on, Yum Gum, The Lime Starts Here, Raspberry Rush, Wicked Sweet

I Always Get My Man-darin, Gimme a Grape Big Kiss, Get Your Lem-on, Yum Gum

Yum Gum, The Lime Starts Here, Raspberry Rush, Wicked Sweet

Overall, I'm pleased with this collection - it's perfect for summer. There's a few colours here that I really like and while a few of them don't seem totally unique, I won't know for sure until I do my comparisons. Either way, these sets only cost $12.99 here so I'm ok if a few of the shades are dupe-able.
The scented quality of the Wicked Sweet Collection does give all of the shades something unique over other neon shades in my collection though.

My favourites are definitely the shimmers - Wicked Sweet, Get Your Lem-on and I Always Get My Man-darin. I don't really have any that I dislike but if I had to pick, my least favourite would be Yum Gum.

Regarding the scents, aside from my wheel swatches, I also swatched each of these on individual false nails so that I could smell each of them individually without being affected by the other scents. The scents are not affected by top coat and they stick around for a couple of days (I swatched them 3 days ago and the smell is still there for most of them, although it's beginning to fade).
I didn't find the scents overpowering or too synthetic smelling so it's definitely something I could deal with having on my nails (except for Yum Gum because I just don't like that scent). Of course, whether or not you like the scents is going to come down to personal taste/preference but that should stand alone from the formula/ease of application of the polishes.

Color Club nail lacquers are only available to me here in Newfoundland at Winners locations. I know that in the US they can be bought at Ross stores but I'm not sure where else. As I said above, the 7 piece sets run me $12.99 but I'm not sure how much they'll run you anywhere else. Sorry that I don't have more information about availability/pricing for you.

What do you guys think of the Color Club Wicked Sweet Collection? What about scented polish in general?


  1. I really like the orange, I Always Get My Man-darin polish!

    Very pretty polishes!

    xO Kristen

  2. good to know the scent wears off a bit! the yellow and the purple like knocked me over!! hahaha.

    and dupe-wise, i have nothing like Yum Gum! you have a lot more than me, but i was surprised that i didn't have dupes. maybe you'll be surprised too!

  3. I have this set and the one shade I kept grabbing this summer was Wicked Sweet. I like layering a gold crackle on top of it. So pretty.

  4. Lucky! I figure I'll get these around the end of September when I go to Chicago for my birthday. I hope they still have them then!

  5. I saw these at the Winners here in PEI, but I didn't pick them up because I wasn't familiar with the brand/quality. I should get them if they come back! Thanks for the swatches :)

  6. Yum Gum looks very similar to Wet N Wild How I Met Your Magenta to me. If you do comparisons on it could you see if it's a dupe? Xoxo

  7. these colours are really great! I haven´t seen/smelled scented nail polish before. Sounds interesting.

  8. In my opinion, this is the best collection of the year! I love it! *_*

  9. I just bought these at Winners on Monday night!

  10. I love the bright, summery, candy inspired colors. Not too sure about scented polish though. I feel like it would either make me hungry all the time, or eventually become sickening. I guess I'd have to try them to figure it out.

  11. These are beautiful! When I looked at just the bottles, I originally thought they may be a bit TOO bright, but on the nails they look perfect!

  12. eight: Definitely get them if you get another chance!

    Bethhh: I did a comparison using How I Met Your Magenta for another polish here:
    I think you're right - they seem kind of similar looking at these two photos but I'll have to to a side-by-side swatch to see for sure.

    Em: Totally, they're bright but they're not extremely in-your-face neon. I really like them!


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