Monday, July 04, 2011

Review & Swatches - OPI Blue-Hued Shatters

Hey guys!

My continued stalking of local beauty supply store has paid off once again because I managed to find the last of each of the 3 bottles of the OPI Blue-Hued Shatters last week. They were put out on Wednesday evening and by the time I got to the store at 3pm on Thursday, they were just about all gone! I'm definitely glad that I decided to go when I did.

I'm going to have to check every day this week for the Nice Stems Collection and the China Glaze Crackle Metals.

I decided to do each of these shades over a plain white creme polish (OPI Alpine Snow), just so that it would show off the colours of the Shatter polishes the best. However, if you're interested in seeing any of these Shatters layered over a different colour, let me know in the comments and I'll do my best to satisfy your requests.

Keep reading for the review and swatches!

OPI Blue Hued Shatters: Blue Shatter, Navy Shatter, Turquoise Shatter

OPI Blue Shatter (bright medium blue with shimmer)

OPI Navy Shatter (navy blue jelly)

OPI Turquoise Shatter (very bright turquoise with shimmer)

(Without Top Coat) OPI Blue Shatter (over OPI Alpine Snow), OPI Navy Shatter (over OPI Alpine Snow), OPI Turquoise Shatter (over OPI Alpine Snow)

(Without Top Coat) OPI Turquoise Shatter (over OPI Alpine Snow), OPI Navy Shatter (over OPI Alpine Snow), OPI Blue Shatter (over OPI Alpine Snow)

(With Top Coat) OPI Blue Shatter (over OPI Alpine Snow), OPI Navy Shatter (over OPI Alpine Snow), OPI Turquoise Shatter

(With Top Coat) OPI Turquoise Shatter (over OPI Alpine Snow), OPI Navy Shatter (over OPI Alpine Snow), OPI Blue Shatter (over OPI Alpine Snow)

Overall, I think OPI hit the nail on the head with these Shatters. I like each of the colours very much and the formula was really nice for all of them. They all shattered really nicely and evenly and I haven't seen any other brand release shades quite like these, so I'm happy to see something new added to the crackle trend.

However, like many of us, I'm starting to get a little bored with the Shatter/Crackle trend. SO many brands now have their own version (OPI, China Glaze, Color Club, Sally Hansen, Nicole by OPI, KleanColor, just to name a few) and it's just gotten to the point of too much, at least for me. I don't mind seeing new and unique shades introduced (such as these Blue-Hued ones) but when different brands are just putting out the same colours over and over, it gets boring. I mean, how many different brands of black crackle polish does a girl need?

I think this trend should start to die down soon and I'm sure we'll see something new and equally exciting introduced in its place.

The OPI Blue-Hued Shatters are available now in professional salons. I got each shade for $6.75 but the pricing is really going to depend on where you live and where you manage to find your set. Generally though, the price will fall in the range of $6-10.

As I have in all of my reviews of Shatter/Crackle polishes, I've listed a number of tips for using these types of polishes. I know most of you have seen these tips a number of times now but I think it's best to keep things consistent, and there may be some of you that haven't seen these before.

Shatter Polish Tips:
- Make sure your polish is dry before applying it. If it's not dry, the OPI Shatters will not crackle as much and you'll be left with only a little of your base colour peeking through.
- Apply the OPI Shatters quickly with as few amount of brush strokes as possible. OPI Shatter polishes are very fast acting so you don't want to play around with them, just brush it on quickly and let it do it's thing.
- The shattered pieces may flake off so for a longer lasting mani, add a top coat. But, if you like the matte finish look, skip the top coat.
- A thin coat of the Shatter polish will shatter more and thus provide smaller shattered pieces on the nail.

Most people seem to be favouring Turquoise Shatter but my favourite is actually Navy Shatter. I like how it's a little bit transparent so that you can still see a bit of the base colour through the shatters (OPI Red Shatter was similar in this sense and I really liked that one as well) and I just think it will be more versatile than the others. However, like I said above, I really like all 3 of these Blue-Hued Shatters.

What do you guys think? Are you sick of the Shatter/Crackle trend? Which of these 3 Blue-Hued shades are your favourite? Any layering combinations you would like to see?


  1. i never saw swatches of these colors for the crackle nail polish. thank you for the swatches and tips! <3

  2. I have the turquoise!
    That's a really nice collection!

  3. Bleu and Navy are my favorites. Turquoise is just too much for me!

  4. These are my favorite shatters. I bought them all the MOMENT they hit the shelf at the salon I buy from. Thank goodness my friend was working and flagged me down to tell me they were there!

  5. The blue shatter is my favorite .

  6. I love Navy Shatter the best because it's a jelly!

  7. Thanks for these swatches! It's nice to have side by side comparisons.

  8. Really pretty but like you said I'm getting bored with the crackle trend!

  9. I'll never get sick of the shatter trend, haha. The turquoise one is uber fab! Have you tried the red shatter for opi?

  10. ^I have! I really like that one as well because it's a jelly finish and it allows the base colour to peek through the shattered pieces just a bit, like the Navy Shatter above.
    I reviewed/swatched the Glam Slam! Duo that features Red Shatter here.

  11. Ah, i must have missed that review, stress! You always have such insightful and interesting reviews and postings btw. But I agree about the finish of the red :)

  12. sorry, it was a bug of my PC, I guess. I can follow you now!


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