Saturday, July 23, 2011

Review & Swatches - OPI Nice Stems Collection

I have the OPI Nice Stems Collection to show you guys!

I have seriously been calling/going to my supply store every day for the past month or more. Yesterday when I called they told me that the collection has been back ordered and they weren't sure when they were going to be getting it.
Frustrated, I decided to just give in and pay regular price for the collection at a salon. The first one I went to only had 3 of the 4 colours but they offered a professional discount so I actually only spent $1 more per polish than I would have at my professional supplier, and I was ok with that. Then I went to another location of that same salon and they had one last bottle of the shade the other location didn't have, so I snatched it up.

Keep reading for the swatches and review!

OPI Nice Stems Collection: Be A Dahlia Won't You?, Play the Peonies, Come to Poppy, I Lily Love You

Be A Dahlia Won't You (raspberry glass flecked with fuchsia microshimmer)
I love me a good glass flecked polish so this was a winner for me before I even tried it. The formula was very nice and although it starts out sheer, it covers in 3 easy coats.

Play the Peonies (light pearly pink-white with shimmer)
I thought this would be my least favourite shade of the collection but I actually do like it a lot - it's got a really nice delicate pearly finish that I wasn't expecting. Also, it's a good way to wear a white without being really stark and bland. The formula of this one was lovely and it was opaque in 2 coats.

Come to Poppy (bright pink-coral with shimmer)
This one has the same pearly finish that Play the Peonies has as well as the same good formula. This one was almost a one-coater but I did 2 in my swatches to make sure it was even.

I Lily Love You (multi-shaped iridescent flaky glitter pieces in a light pink jelly base)
I did swatch this one on its own for you (2 coats) but it's very sheer and is really meant to be used as a layering polish. It's really fun and looks really interesting over the other shades from this collection (I'll have a separate post showing I Lily Love You layered of the other 3 shades). The formula was a little thick, as is to be expected with these types of jelly-based glitters, but it wasn't difficult to work with.

Be A Dahlia Won't You?, Play the Peonies, Come to Poppy, I Lily Love You

Be A Dahlia Won't You?, Play the Peonies

Come to Poppy, I Lily Love You

I Lily Love You, Come to Poppy, Play the Peonies, Be A Dahlia Won't You?

I Lily Love You, Come to Poppy

Play the Peonies, Be A Dahlia Won't You?

Overall, even though pink is not my favourite polish shade, I really like this collection. I love 4 piece collections and I love when OPI adds a fun layering polish to them (think Femme de Cirque).

The formula was good for all of these with the exception of I Lily Love You which was a little thick but that's to be expected from that type of polish. Plus, since it's a layering polish, the thick formula shouldn't cause any troubles.

I'm thinking of possible dupes for the 3 colours from this collection already so expect to see comparisons/a final recommendations post for this collection in the near future.

What do you guys think? Did you pick up any of these colours? All of them?


  1. omg i lily love you such a gorgeous flakie!

    <3 BB

  2. I adore I Lily Love You and Come to Poppy. If I Lily Love You didn't remind me of Teenage Dream, I'd probably try and get it.

  3. I only purchased Come to Poppy from this collection (because I love pink leaning corals and the name is so cute). I've heard Be A Dahlia is very similar to ChG 108 Degrees. It also looks a lot like Zoya Gilda, so I'd love to see those compared.

  4. What a great collection! I also think layering polishes are fun! I'm in love with I juggle...Men!!

    I'm sure I'll love Play the Peonies and Come to Poppy!! I should get mine soon.

    thanks for the nice presentation!

  5. I purchased come to poppy and I absolutely looove it!

  6. Come to Poppy is such a bright happy shade. :)

  7. Only one I am not madly in love with in this collection is Come To Poppy only because I have other shades really close to it. But I am making sure I have a couple back up bottles. Dahlia is to die for in my book. Many comments have been made that China Glaze 108 Degrees from the Island collection is a dupe for Dahlia - NOT. I am Ms. major Fuchsia polish fan so despite some bloggers saying you did not need both in your collection, I ordered 108 Degrees, got it and find GREAT differences between the 2 with the OPI Dahlia FAR preferred. It's got glass fleck in it (finally OPI is listening to the craving folks wanting more glass fleck and not just finding them in some of the China Glaze polishes. Dahlia might be up there as my #1 fav fuchsia polish of all time...however, the duochrome, China Glaze, Reggie To Riches is way up there - totally different from Dahlia here as RTR many place in the purple it has such a blue duochrome lean to it. I did not expect to really like Peonies much at all. But it goes on so smoothly, opaque in nothing flat which it looks like it would be anything but from the shade in the bottle - it's a great pink cast to a neutral. Also it makes a lovely backdrop for stamping, nail art and a summer twist from all the same old nudes. And for those who are still able to tolerate glitters...well Lilly has it hands down way over earlier released pink glitter this year from OPI called Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry collection. Lilly has tons of shades of perfectly lovely glitter in it and a really nice med, tinted gel that does cover and if you did not want to wear a base under it as most glitters need, Lilly can be worn alone just fine - 2 coats is lovely - if you want a chunky, heavy coat, then go with 3, but I love how it looks in 2 coats. Also it's really pretty over the other 3 shades in this collection. Most loved last summer's 2010 OPI collection with now the HTF Catch Me In Your Net, and a great pink (though a bit watery) in Wing It. Both are good summer collections in my book - but the edge goes for me to this year's 2011 summer stems collection. So glad you finally got it Kayla! I need to go back and read your blog here but I seem to recall you were having trouble getting your hands on this collection and I had told you to look on eBay as a a couple good sellers had the entire 4 bottle collection up for around $23 and low ship which is a great price for all 4 bottles.

  8. Not being a pink fan in particular Kayla - you surely were persistent in tracking down this really great collection! So glad you finally got it! I am wild over it. This and Zoya's 2011 Sunshine collection have been my fav summer collections this year bar none...not a dog in either collection.

  9. I really love this collection!!
    Colors are great!

  10. I bought the last little mini-set at our local Ulta. Im not a big pink polish fan either, but I think I did it just because of the names. I have done lots of layering and fading manis with this set.

    Too cute!


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