Sunday, July 31, 2011

Swatch Comparison - Milky Pinks (featuring OPI Play the Peonies)

Hey guys!

Continuing with my comparisons for the OPI Nice Stems Collection, today I'll be featuring Play the Peonies which is a light pearly pink-white with shimmer.

Once again I thought I would have a good few shades to compare this one to but that didn't end up being the case once I went dupe hunting through my stash.

Keep reading for the comparison!

OPI Step Right Up!, OPI Play the Peonies, China Glaze Encouragement

OPI Step Right Up! (from the Femme de Cirque Collection)

OPI Play the Peonies (from the Summer 2011 Nice Stems Collection)

China Glaze Encouragement (from the 2010 Fight Like a Woman Collection)

OPI Step Right Up!, OPI Play the Peonies, China Glaze Encouragement

China Glaze Encouragement, OPI Play the Peonies, OPI Step Right Up!

Play the Peonies turned out to be much more unique than I had originally thought when I first swatched this collection. The base colour isn't the unique part - it's the pearly quality that makes this polish special. I honestly had no other light pink in my collection that had this pearly finish to it so for my comparison I had to pick shades that were comparable in terms of the base colour.

However, even in my search for a comparable base colour I came up short. The pearly quality of Play the Peonies gives the base colour a touch of silver and I didn't have anything comparable to that either.

Step Right Up! looks similar in the bottle but as you can see from the swatch, it's not similar at all - it's much more sheer and lighter in colour.

Encouragement also looks a little similar in the bottle but once again, they're nothing alike - not in base colour or finish.

In the end, Play the Peonies is unique in my stash and I'm happy to have it.

What do you guys think? Can you think of another shade that is similar to Play the Peonies?


  1. I love your comparisons. These pinks are super pretty. Super girly too

  2. I wish I had the type of nails that would look good painted I love pink

  3. Aww, I still can't tell the difference between frost and pearl. :(

  4. I had to get a back up bottle of Peonies - it was so perfect. Has a bit of light beige to it that really pulls off the pink in it very nicely. It looks great with one coat of the glitter I Lilly Love You over it (the topper that came with this Stems summer 2011 set). And I first thought Peonies would be the major sleeper of this group! NOT!

  5. I am really surprised they are so different. When I see it in the bottle it looks like they would be very similar.

    I am really enjoying and appreciating these comparisons


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