Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Swatches - Layering with OPI I Lily Love You


This post, along with the next two posts you'll see are scheduled ones because I'm going to be busy working on a paper that I have due tomorrow evening. That means that I won't be able to respond to any comments/emails until Friday so please bear with me. In the meantime, enjoy the posts that I have been writing over the last couple of days for you. :)

In my review/swatch post of the OPI Nice Stems Collection, I promised to make a separate post to show you the layering options that this collection has to offer, so here it is.

Keep reading for the layering swatches!

OPI Nice Stems Collection: Be A Dahlia Won't You?, Play the Peonies, Come to Poppy, I Lily Love You

Be A Dahlia Won't You (raspberry glass flecked with fuchsia microshimmer)

Play the Peonies (light pearly pink-white with shimmer)

Come to Poppy (bright pink-coral with shimmer)

I Lily Love You (multi-shaped iridescent flaky glitter pieces in a light pink jelly base)

(1 coat of I Lily Love You over) Be A Dahlia Won't You?, Play the Peonies, Come to Poppy

(1 coat of I Lily Love You over) Come to Poppy, Play the Peonies, Be A Dahlia Won't You?

As I said in my original review post for this collection, I really love when brands add a layering polish to collections as it offers you many more options than with just the regular polishes alone. I especially like I Lily Love You because it's unique and it creates an entirely different look when layering over the other colours from the collection.

My favourite layering combination here is a toss-up between Be a Dahlia Won't You? and Play the Peonies. I think the layering over Be a Dahlia Won't You? really brings out the sparkle of the flakies while the layering over Play the Peonies brings out the iridescence of the flakies. I think some of the flakes of glitter kind of get lost in Come to Poppy so I'm not the biggest fan of that layering, but it's still nice.

I Lily Love You and the rest of the OPI Nice Stems Collection are available now for Summer 2011 through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide.

What's your favourite layering option from the OPI Nice Stems Collection?


  1. I wonder if there are mini for these, to pretty to resist! so gonna buy I Lily Love You!

    thx for the swatches

  2. thanks for showing the layering! love it <3

  3. ooh I love it over Be a Dahlia Won't You? Might have to pick up this polish after all :)

  4. I Lily Love You is so beautiful. Have to go and get it! :)

  5. That polish is soooo awesome!

  6. I have seen the mini set for all 4 of these, @Kristin Chae Go Mi!

  7. I love what it does to Play in the Peonies.

  8. I adore this collection. Being huge fan of fuchsia, Dahlia is really a fav of mine - glass fleck, come on - heaven for me. I am trying to stash bottles so I can have a life time supply of this shade. It's not the same as CG 108 Degrees as some have said - believe me - I am Ms. Fuchsia - they are close but not dupes...more fleck in OPI and OPI is got more flash to it - a little lighter from the flake I think vs. 108 is a little darker. Like you, I really like this overlay...and that's saying something as I have a real hate for glitter since it's so hard to get off and I don't like a lumpy nail. I want it smooth when I am finished. But the colors in this glitter and the base being such a yummy pink gel - just great! I also like the glitter as you do over that lovely Pin the Peonies...a wonderful light taupy with's like no other shade I have and not chalky or milky looking at all.


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