Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Final Recommendations - OPI Nice Stems Collection

Hey guys!

So after swatching, reviewing and comparing all four shades from the OPI Nice Stems Collection, I have some final words/recommendations.

This post will also serve as an easy access page where you can find links to all of the swatches, reviews and comparisons from this collection that I've done.

Review & Swatches - OPI Nice Stems Collection
Swatches - Layering with OPI I Lily Love You
Swatch Comparison - OPI Be a Dahlia Won't You?
Swatch Comparison - OPI Play the Peonies
Swatch Comparison - OPI Come to Poppy
Swatch Comparison - OPI I Lily Love You

Out of all 4 shades, I Lily Love You was the most unique and definitely the star of the collection for me, especially when it's layered over the other 4 shades from the collection.

I've been told that Sinful Colors Deep Red Ocean is pretty similar to I Lily Love You but I don't own that shade myself so I couldn't compare them. However, I trust Rebecca's word so I would suggest that if you have that shade by Sinful Colors, you can skip this one by OPI. If, on the other hand, you don't own Deep Red Ocean, I would say that I Lily Love You is the absolute must-have from this collection.
Rebecca didn't have a swatch of Deep Red Ocean but she did have a bottle picture so hopefully that will be helpful for some of you.

Play the Peonies and Come to Poppy both have a pearly shimmer throughout them that makes them really special in my collection and although I wouldn't say that they're total must-haves, I'm definitely happy to have them in my collection and I would recommend them if you're not on too tight of a polish budget.

The least unique was (surprisingly) Be a Dahlia Won't You but it's still a really gorgeous shade and I think I've come to like it better than its almost dupe - China Glaze 108 Degrees. However, if you already have 108 Degrees, it's not necessary to also get Be a Dahlia Won't You?.

Overall, I've really enjoyed this entire collection and for a girl who isn't the biggest fan of pink polish, OPI has really challenged that by putting out an all-pink collection that I really like. As I said in the original review post for this collection, I love 4 piece collections in general and I love seeing a layering polish amongst collections.

The OPI Nice Stems Collection Lacquers are available now at professional salons and spas for approximately $6-10, depending on where you live and where you find your polishes.

I hope this post as well as all of the others I've done for this collection will be helpful for you in your own decisions about this collection.


  1. How great! I've really enjoyed your reviews and your recommendations! Lovely colors!


  2. I love, love the Stems collection. Dahlia is divine, but then I am a huge fuchsia gal. I am picking up back up bottles to stash as it's a new replacement for my tried and true Pompeii Purple now. Love to see Dahlia be part of the classic collection. Lilly also is as you said unique. The spray of multi color in it is like no other glitters I have and I love that it's not in a clear base. Poppy is my least fav but I still really like it. Peonies is so unique I am finding lots of ways to love and wear it. It's not an off white pink, it's more a pale pink/beige and does not look chalky. It's great with Lilly on it and great with Poppy over it too. Thanks for giving this collection such a in-depth review.


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