Friday, August 12, 2011

Haul - Wishlist Polishes

Hey guys!

I have a very quick haul post for you today since I'm going to be very busy today and I had a final exam last night so I didn't have time to do up a post then either. However you guys seem like to haul posts so hopefully you'll be ok with the brevity of this post!

I recently acquired quite a few polishes that have been on my wishlist and although I'm still waiting on a few more to arrive, I wanted to show you the awesomeness that I have so far.

China Glaze OMG Polishes: QT, GR8, TMI, DV8, TTYL
I still have a few more shades from this collection on the way but I'm only looking for 1 more now (BFF) to complete the entire collection!

China Glaze Kaleidoscope Polishes: He's Going in Circles, Let's Do It In 3D
Now that I've just about completed my OMG Collection, I've moved onto the Kaleidoscopes and so far I've acquired 2 of 12.

OPI HTF Polishes: Merry Midnight, Movin' Out
These are a couple of hard to find OPI polishes that I have been lemming for a while now and I was finally able to find them for a good price through some Facebook friends.

OPI Miss Universe Collection: It's My Year, Swimsuit...Nailed It!, Crown Me Already, Congeniality Is My Middle Name
I wasn't sure if I would be able to get my hands on this collection since none of the professional suppliers were ordering it (I have no idea why). However I got word a couple of days ago that one of the Winners locations had 2 full displays of this collection so I went down the next day and picked these up. As much as I'm happy I was able to get them, I found it really strange that Winners was the place to have these since I've never seen a full collection display there before. In fact, I've only ever found older random shades at Winners. Oh well!

Look out for swatches of these polishes in the future!


  1. woah! if I can as: where did you find merry midnight and dv8? I'm pretty curious (and envious ;D)

  2. THese are delicious! Merry Midnight looks fabulous!

  3. Nice haul! The other day I got 2Nite for $8 at some random salon next to the bowling alley, and my friend got IDK :)

  4. wow you really got into your wishlist with all these! so awesome :)

    shel xx

  5. can't wait to see swatches, many ar things that i've been wannnnnting badly too

    Vonnie of

  6. I'm jealous of your China Glaze polishes, I love them!

  7. Amazing haul! I also just recently nabbed Merry Midnight and am so happy...but I don't have Movin' Out and cannot even think what collection it was from!!! Quite the project to get all those highly sough after CG's. You would think as much as they are coveted, CG would do a new release of them. They would make a lot of $.

  8. Wow!!
    What a haul!
    I'm jealous!
    Have fun with all this!

  9. Wow, every single polish is so gorgeous and difficult to find!

  10. OMG i love them all!! i am super jealous that you have DV8!!! that is my number 1 lemming right now!!


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