Sunday, August 07, 2011

Nails of the Day - Nfu-Oh #65 with a Cheetah Spot Accent Nail

Hey guys!

I was really hoping to have my review/swatches/wear test post for Nfu-Oh #65 to show you today but the weather has been SO awful here lately so I haven't been able to get sunlight swatch photos. Despite the tip wear which is driving me insane, I'm going to leave this mani on for another day and hope that we get just a lick of sunshine so that I can snap some sunlight shots. If not though, I'll have to do up my post for #65 without any sunlight swatch photos.

Anyways, in the meantime, I have a sneak peak of #65 for you today!
I've recently come to the realization that I really need to have some form of nail art on my nails at all times. I just can't deal with a solid polish colour on my nails - it feel too boring for me now! Thus, when I did my mani with #65 a few days back, I just had to add a little something to spice it up so I did an easy animal print accent nail since I still needed to be able to get good swatch photos.

China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat
Nfu-Oh - #66 (base)
China Glaze - Techno Teal (cheetah spots)
OPI - Black Onyx (outline of spots)
Seche Vite Top Coat

I know I'll be doing some accent nail art with my #66 mani as well and I'm considering giving Nailside's double lighting bolt design a shot. Any ideas for colours that'll look good with Nfu-Oh #66 - a light lime green holo?


  1. Ooo that looks so pretty! I have really been wanting to do a leopard print mani but I've been so uninspired. This is definitely inspiring!

  2. very pretty, so gorgeous, I have had a lot of trouble trying to track down these x

  3. I like the holographic polish and I definitely love the accent finger . It's beautiful .

  4. gorgeeousss, wish I had a blue like that!!


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