Tuesday, August 02, 2011

One Year Blogiversary Giveaway - Winner Announced!

Hey guys!

First of all, thanks to everyone to helped me celebrate my One Year Blogiversary by entering my giveaway. I'm so glad that I chose to use a Google form this time around because a.) it was much faster and b.) I absolutely loved reading all of the comments you guys left for me.
Second, I want to once again thank Made You Blush for donating the awesome prizes that one of you are about the win.

So without further adieu, the lucky winner who has won two brand new bottles of Deborah Lippmann nail polish is ...


Congratulations! I've emailed Emily and she's already responded so I'll be sending her new goodies out very soon.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!


  1. ThAnk you so much, Kayla! This totally made my day.

  2. Congrats Emily! Anddd maybe an idea to not expose everyone's mail address that are grouped around Emily ;)?

  3. Congratulations! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  4. Congratulations Emily! I do have to agree with Deborah, I normally block everyone's email address to protect their privacy. (:

  5. I didn't think that would be an issue since for all of my other giveaways people commented and left their email addresses in the comments - which are of course public. However, I'll take that into consideration in my next giveaway and block them out.


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