Friday, August 05, 2011

Swatch Comparison - China Glaze Metro Collection: Westside Warrior


Next on the list of comparisons for the China Glaze Metro Collection is the deep olive coloured creme - Westside Warrior.

I didn't think I had many of these types of colours but I did manage to pull out a couple of shades from my stash that I felt were appropriate for this comparison.

Keep reading for the comparison!

Zoya Shawn, China Glaze Westside Warrior, Essie Sew Psyched

Zoya Shawn (from the Fall 2010 Wonderful Collection)

China Glaze Westside Warrior (from the Fall 2011 Metro Collection)

Essie Sew Psyched (from the Fall 2010 Collection)

Zoya Shawn, China Glaze Westside Warrior, Essie Sew Psyched

Essie Sew Psyched, China Glaze Westside Warrior, Zoya Shawn

Once again I have to restate that the cremes from the Metro Collection tend to dry darker than how they look in the bottle so my swatch is colour accurate despite looking darker than my bottle picture. The same goes for Zoya Shawn in this case.

Zoya Shawn is closer to Westside Warrior than Essie Sew Psyched but it's still not a dupe. Shawn is more of a true green than Westside Warrior which is more olive/camo coloured. Shawn is also yellow-based while Westside Warrior has more of a grey base.

Essie Sew Psyched is much lighther and much more grey-toned than Westside Warrior and it also has a very subtle - almost hidden - silver shimmer throughout it while Westside Warrior is a straight up creme finish.

Overall, if you're on a budget and you don't need every variation of every colour of polish, Zoya Shawn makes an ok alternative for Westside Warrior. However, there are subtle but noticeable difference between the two shades so they're definitely not dupes.

What do you guys think? Can you think of a better alternative for China Glaze Westside Warrior? Is Zoya Shawn close enough to Westside Warrior to deter you from picking it up yourself?


  1. OPI's 'Uh Oh Roll Down The Window' from the up coming Touring America collection could be dupe? Guess we will have to wait and see!

    Great comparison as always. :)

  2. i think shawn looks pretty close to me if i had it i would skip ww, but i don't have either i need to pick up at least one lol

  3. I would definitely like to have both Shawn and Westside Warrior; but since I'm on a serious budget at the moment and already have Shawn I guess it'll have to do for now. Thanks for the comparison!

  4. Westside warrior seems to dry pretty you know if its similar to China Glaze - Near Dark?


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