Saturday, August 06, 2011

Swatch Comparison - China Glaze Metro Collection: Trendsetter

Hey guys!

I'm still chuggin' along with the comparisons for the Metro Collection and today I'll be featuring the mustard coloured shimmer - Trendsetter.

This is the one shade from the entire collection that I thought I wouldn't even be comparing because I didn't think I had anything suitable for a comparison. However, I found a couple of shades that I thought would be appropriate for a comparison with Trendsetter.

Keep reading for the comparison!

Nicole by OPI Yellow, It's Me Matte, China Glaze Trendsetter, China Glaze Mega Bite

Nicole by OPI Yellow, It's Me Matte (from the Matte Collection)

China Glaze Trendsetter (from the Fall 2011 Metro Collection)

China Glaze Mega Bite (from the Tronica Collection)

Nicole by OPI Yellow, It's Me Matte, China Glaze Trendsetter, China Glaze Mega Bite

China Glaze Mega Bite, China Glaze Trendsetter, Nicole by OPI Yellow, It's Me Matte

It's clear that neither of these even come close to being a dupe for Trendsetter but they're the closest that I have in my stash.

Nicole by OPI Yellow, It's Me Matte is obviously different in finish considering that it's a matte formula but that can be remedied by adding a layer of top coat. However, it's not similar in any other respects either. It looks much more similar to Trendsetter in the bottle than how it turned out to be and it's definitely MUCH more yellow than Trendsetter.

China Glaze Mega Bite also looks similar to Trendsetter in the bottle but it's much more gold in reality. Plus, it has holographic shimmer (which isn't all that noticeable here) and that also sets it apart from Trendsetter.

Overall, Trendsetter is really unique, at least in my collection since I don't have any other mustard type shades. Like I said in my original review/swatch post for this collection, this isn't a shade that I would wear on its own but I really like having it since I'm sure it'll come in handy for nail art purposes at some point (for example, a cheeseburger mani!).

Can you guys think of a better alternative for Trendsetter?


  1. I have to say the end ones are the best imho but hey that is just me and someone else may find the yucky one to their

  2. bleh i hate trendsetter! haha! i just don't like "ugly pretty"
    it looks like know what!

  3. I did not think when the bottle photos came out I would like Trendsetter...and now seeing swatches - I know I don't want it in my stash even. It's just not something I would layer with or work with at all. It's just icky to me. But of the 3 here, it's the least icky!

  4. Oh, and BTW, I really appreciate your doing these comparisons for this new collection from CG - hope you can continue this on your blog topics as we get more of the other fall collections into your hands. I know the new Essies are out. Also, the new Serena Williams last collection in the Grand Slam series is out - like others in that grouping, hard to find as many stores did not order them. I am liking the bottle shots I have seen of the red one - I think it's called something Racket. Looks like it MIGHT be a flaky - now that we know OPI knows how to make a good flaky from what they did with Dahlia in the stems collection - what a beauty that if only they would give us some more flaky and less glitters. Alas we have 6 glitters coming from them in the end of the year Muppets collection. I just hate getting them off and seem to tire of them fast when on, also don't like the rough finish. Like my manis to feel smooth to the touch. RARE is a glitter that I just ADORE...a few Deb Lip, a couple OPI's, I do like Skyscraper in this new CG Metro collection - but it's a combo glitter/sparkle and not that heavy of a glitter. Anyhow...thanks so much for these to see more like I said as the rest of the fall and end of year collections roll out here.

  5. I'm amazed how much diff it looks on than in the bottle, thanks for comparing.


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