Sunday, August 07, 2011

Swatch Comparison - China Glaze Metro Collection: Loft-y Ambitions

Hey guys!

Before we get to the comparison, I added a new poll to my sidebar so please let me know which of my nail art designs you would like to see a tutorial for next.

So we're almost finished with the comparisons for the Downtown set of the China Glaze Metro Collection and today I'll be featuring Loft-y Ambitions - a burgundy shimmer.

I realized today when looking for dupes/appropriate comparative shades that I have a very small number of true burgundy shades of polish; everything seems either too red, too pink, too dark or too light. Nonetheless, I managed to find 2 shades that I thought would make for a good comparison with Loft-y Ambitions.

Keep reading for the comparison!

Zoya Isla, China Glaze Loft-y Ambitions, OPI Bogota Blackberry

Zoya Isla (from the Fall 2009 Truth Collection)

China Glaze Loft-y Ambitions (from the Fall 2011 Metro Collection)

OPI Bogota Blackberry (permanent)

Zoya Isla, China Glaze Loft-y Ambitions, OPI Bogota Blackberry

OPI Bogota Blackberry, China Glaze Loft-y Ambitions, Zoya Isla

As you can see, both Zoya Isla and OPI Bogota Blackberry are too red and too bright to be considered good alternatives for Loft-y Ambitions which is a clear burgundy shade.

Interestingly, even though I was searching for dupes of Loft-y Ambitions, I instead found a different pair of dupes! Zoya Isla and OPI Bogotoa Blackberry are for all intents and purposes dupes. Isla may be just a hair brighter than Bogota Blackberry but this really isn't noticeable in person. In fact, I had trouble remembering which swatch was which at first.

In the end, Loft-y Ambitions is unique in my collection so if you're looking for a good burgundy shade of polish, this could be a good choice. However, if you have one of either Zoya Isla or Bogota Blackberry, you definitely won't need the other.

Can anyone think of a better burgundy alternative for Loft-y Ambitions? Do you have both Zoya Isla and Bogota Blackberry? Were you aware they were dupes?


  1. OPI Romeo & Juliet is definitely a close match. The OPI is a little more bronze than Loft-y Ambitions but very close. I think it's permanent collection? I picked up a bottle for my Aunt at Chatters on Stavanger. Could be something to check out!

  2. Maybe OPI Yes I Can-Can? It might have more purple but maybe...? Either way, Loft-y is gorgeous!

  3. Mmmm i actually like the Zoya shade better

  4. I am with the above poster, I prefer the Zoya and BB by OPI to the super dark CG Loft-y. It just lacks something and we have had so many played down colors for so long (but for summer/spring shades). It's time to bring back some more vavavoo shades in fall in winter collections. That's what happened in the 30's (for the rich that is) when it was depression on. Down economic times, we look to fashion and movies to brighten us up.

  5. Thank you for all of the CG Metro comparisons - I've just purchased half of the collection :>


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