Monday, August 08, 2011

Swatch Comparison - China Glaze Metro Collection: Midtown Magic

Hey guys!

This comparison post featuring Midtown Magic - a deep burgundy brown base with gold glitter will wrap up our comparisons for the Downtown set of the China Glaze Metro Collection.

Off the top of my head I couldn't come up with any shades that would compare with Midtown Magic, but when I went searching through my stash, I ended up with 2 polishes that seemed comparable.

Keep reading for the comparison!

Wet 'n' Wild Sleep-Walker, China Glaze Midtown Magic, Color Club With Abandon

Wet 'n' Wild Sleep-Walker (from the Halloween 2010 Collection)

China Glaze Midtown Magic (from the Fall 2011 Metro Collection)

Color Club With Abandon (from the Fall 2009 Wild at Heart Collection)

Wet 'n' Wild Sleep-Walker, China Glaze Midtown Magic, Color Club With Abandon

Color Club With Abandon, China Glaze Midtown Magic, Wet 'n' Wild Sleep-Walker

I was actually a little disappointed when I did this comparison because I originally thought that Midtown Magic was one of the more unique shades from the Metro Collection but as it turned out, that's not quite the case.

Color Club With Abandon is extremely similar to Midtown Magic and they're almost dupes. However, there's a couple of small, almost negligible differences between the two shades. First, the glitter in Midtown Magic is slightly more bronze than the glitter in With Abandon. Secondly, the base of Midtown Magic is a burgundy-brown while the base of With Abandon is a deep brown-almost black. Like I said though, these differences are almost negligible in person.

Wet 'n' Wild Sleep-Walker is similar to Midtown Magic but definitely not as similar as With Abandon. First of all, the base of Sleep-Walker is a sheer black jelly base but it's so sheer that it's almost grey. However, you can layer this on top of a black creme polish to remedy the sheerness of the base. The glitter is close in terms of colour to that of Midtown Magic but it's more sparse and doesn't glow quite like the glitter of Midtown Magic or With Abandon.

In the end, I would say that if you already own Color Club With Abandon, you don't need to go out and buy Midtown Magic.

What do you guys think? Do you own With Abandon? Will you still pick up a bottle of Midtown Magic?


  1. i'm so getting midtown magic, glorious swatch! i don't have the other one, so it won't be a repeat :D really want that wet n wild too, it's gorgeous!!!


  2. Since I have With Abandon I will not be getting this! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I like the finish on the CG one - smooth - but I like the color on the W&W one - just hate the bumpy finish on it - that would drive me nuts.

  4. It doesn't help me at all :oP Tell you more: I'm gonna purchase With Abandon right now :> (Midtown is already in my stash)

  5. *sigh* I have both also!! I still think they are different though lol at least thats what I want to think


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