Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Swatch Comparison - Pink Glitters (featuring OPI I Lily Love You)


So for the last of my comparisons for the OPI Nice Stems Collection, I'll be featuring what I (and I'm sure many others) believe to be the star of this collection - the flaky, glitter top coat I Lily Love You.

I considered not doing a comparison for this one at all because I knew that I wasn't going to have any polishes that could compete with this as a dupe. However, I decided to go ahead with the comparison anyways to show you all just how unique this one is.

Keep reading for the comparison!

China Glaze Bad Kitty, OPI I Lily Love You, OPI Teenage Dream

China Glaze Bad Kitty (originally released with the Specialty Glitters Collection and re-released with the 2010 Summer Fun in the Sun set)

OPI I Lily Love You (from the Summer 2011 Nice Stems Collection)

OPI Teenage Dream (from the Katy Perry Collection)

China Glaze Bad Kitty, OPI I Lily Love You, OPI Teenage Dream

OPI Teenage Dream, OPI I Lily Love You, China Glaze Bad Kitty

As you can see, neither of these can really compare to I Lily Love You. Both Bad Kitty and Teenage Dream are chock full of glitter but neither of them have flakie pieces like I Lily Love You.

In terms of base colour, neither is really close to that of I Lily Love You. Teenage Dream has silver glitter in it which dulls the pink base a little and allows I Lily Love You to appear brighter and pinker. Bad Kitty has a hotter pink base with just a hint of coral.

The jelly base of China Glaze Bad Kitty is similar to that of I Lily Love You while OPI Teenage Dream has a thicker glitter base.

As I expected, I have nothing that can compare to I Lily Love You and it's truly unique in my collection.

What do you guys think? Can you think of any other shades that might be comparable to I Lily Love You?


  1. Can think of NOTHING to compare it with. I really want Bad Kitty :)

  2. too bad you don't have Sinful Deep Red Ocean to compare! they are actually very similar. come borrow mine to add to your wheel :P

  3. I need all of those! hahaha :)

  4. Rebecca do you have a swatch of Deep Red Ocean? If so I'll link to it here. :)

  5. Only over black which doesn't really show it.
    I do have a really big bottle pic though on my photobucket.
    feel free to add it to your post!
    from what i can tell, the base seems to be a bit more red and the flakes are less dense.

  6. I Lily Love You has such an odd texture, but I still just love it, and the other two as well! Mmm, sparkles...

  7. Thanks Rebecca! I'm writing up my final recommendations for this collection now so I'll include your pic in that post.

  8. Yay, the one that I was waiting for. I keep picking up and putting this back though because thick, bumpy and hard to take off polishes make me :/. But it sure is pretty. To be honest, this post just makes me really want Bad Kitty lol.

    And Color Club's Covered in Diamonds looks similar but definitely not a dupe, even disregarding the clear base.


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