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Review - Born Pretty Nail Art Stamping Plate: m57 + My First Stamping Experience!

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Before delving into this review, I want to start out with a little info about the Born Pretty Store:
Most of you will probably know a lot about Born Pretty already since it's a pretty popular e-tailer for nail art supplies. It started out as an eBay store (which I purchased from on numerous occasions) and eventually expanded into a regular online store. They offer a huge variety of products at amazing prices and they ship world wide for free!

A while back I was contacted by Born Pretty Store to see if I would like to review one of their items here. I took this as an opportunity to try stamping for the very first time while also getting to review a new product, so I chose one of their stamping plates to review. I've mentioned it before but up until recently, I just wasn't interested in stamping nail art and I thought that I could do many of the stamping designs freehand. However, I decided to open my mind and expand my horizons to find out what I was missing out on.

The plate I chose is m57 and it is a copy of the m57 plate by Konad. Come on, are you surprised that I chose the animal print plate?

Keep reading for the full review and a look into my first stamping experience!

This is how your plate will arrive - in a cute package that resembles Konad's packaging.

You can buy the plate you see here as well as many other plates for $2.99 each (but they get cheaper the more you buy). You can also buy a set of 16 plates for only $18.48.

The plate comes with a blue film over it that you have to remove before you start your stamping. You should make sure you remove this before starting your mani so that there's no possibility of denting your polish trying to remove this film.

All of the "full nail" images on this plate ended up being too small for my long fingernails but if your nails are on the shorter side, these images should work better for you. Since I wanted to show you the stamping on my nails, I only did it on my pinky nail because that's the only nail that the image would cover entirely. That should give you some idea as to how big the images are and allow you to decide if they'll be big enough for your own nails.

For further reference, here's a photo of the Born Pretty m57 plate versus the Konad m57 plate (Born Pretty plate on the left; Konad on the right). It's clear that the images on the Born Pretty plate are smaller but like I said, this shouldn't be a problem if you're nails aren't very long/wide. However I do think this would have trouble covering just about anyone's thumb nail.

All of the images from this plate transfer well without any problems (although I waited a little too long to transfer the zebra image so part of that one stuck to the stamper). However, that was my own fault, not the plate's fault and I did get all of the images to transfer well but this was the only photo I got.

Overall, even though I'm no expert on stamping, I know enough about it to be able to say that this Born Pretty plate works really well and it's a fantastic price, especially considering the fact that shipping is free.

Furthermore, after looking through the images of the other plates offered by Born Pretty, it's clear that the images on this one are smaller than on the other ones, so even if you do have longer nails, it looks like you can still get in on this great deal.

In regards to my overall stamping experience, I can say that I hopefully will get the opportunity to try more of these plates in the future because I'm definitely more interested in stamping after trying this plate. I'll likely stick to my freehand nail art for the most part, but I definitely enjoy having the options of using stamps.

Have you purchased any stamping plates (or anything else) from Born Pretty? What did you think?

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