Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review & Swatches - CND The Look for Fall/Winter 2011

Hey guys!

Today I have a new trio by CND to show you! It's this year's The Look set for Fall/Winter and it includes two creme polishes and one new effect polish.

I don't own much from the CND brand but I'm starting to get more into the brand the more I see from them, so let's see what this new set has to offer.

Keep reading for the review and swatches!

CND The Look for Fall/Winter 2011: Sheer 24k Sparkle Effect, Dark Amethyst, Midnight Sapphire

Dark Amethyst (deep plum creme)
This isn't the most unique shade I've seen and it did dry darker than it looks in the bottle but the formula is ah-mazing - it glided on so easily and it was almost a one-coater but I used two in my swatch to even it out. I haven't tried a creme polish from CND before but if they all have this formula, I'm totally sold.

Midnight Sapphire (deep royal blue creme)
Again, this isn't the most unique shade of polish and it also dries darker than it looks in the bottle but this one also has the same great formula as Dark Amethyst. Seriously, I'm blown away by how easy these are to work with! This one was also almost a one-coater but I did use two for my swatch.

Sheer 24k Sparkle Effect (sheer gold base with irregular gold flakes throughout)
On its own, this polish doesn't really do that much for me. However, when layered over the other shades, this is just phenomenal. I'll let the swatches do the talkin'.

Sheer 24k Sparkle Effect (2 coats alone), Dark Amethyst, Midnight Sapphire

(1 coat of Sheer 24k Sparkle Effect over) Dark Amethyst, Midnight Sapphire

Here's an interesting combination of all the shades that was suggested on the back of the packaging.

Overall, I am totally over the moon with this set by CND!

The two cremes, while not totally unique on their own, are pretty, completely season-appropriate and have fantastic formulas. However, when you add the effect polish over them, the cremes become like nothing I've ever seen before. I'm not sure if the effect polish is going to be sold on its own or not but if it ever is, this is something that I would actually buy a back-up of, which isn't something I say often.

My recommendation: if you can get your hands on this set, do it.

What do you guys think of this set by CND? Are you as in love with it as I am?

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