Sunday, October 16, 2011

Review & Swatches - Color Club Foiled Collection

Hey guys!

Today I have a Fall 2011 Collection from Color Club for you - the Foiled Collection, which consists of 6 foil (obviously) polishes and 1 topcoat.

I'm always happy to add Color Club sets to my stash since they're usually of high quality and they're well priced, so whenever I'm able to find them at Winners (the only store in my area that carries Color Club), I snatch them up.

Keep reading for the review and swatches!

Lumin-icecent (light icy blue foil)
This one is a tad too silvery for me to be totally in love with it, but it is nice. This was 2 coats and the formula was great.

Perfect Mol-ten (pale green foil)
This is one of the shades from this set that I don't think I have anything similar to, which I like. This isn't the type of colour I think of when I think of a foil finish so it was a welcome surprise. My swatch is 2 coats and the formula was excellent.

Foil Me Once (light pink-mauve foil)
I don't think I have anything like this one either but I'm not as in love as I am with Perfect Mol-ten, just because this is a light pink and that's not a favourite polish colour for me. However, the formula was great and my swatch is just 2 coats.

Cold Metal (bright and bold royal blue foil)
Ahhh, my favourite of the collection. Even after only seeing promotional images of this collection, I knew this would be my favourite, and it didn't let me down. It's so bold - I love it! However, I believe it's similar to a shade we've already seen this year (which I also loved, by the way) - OPI Swimsuit...Nailed It! from the Miss Universe Collection. I haven't done a comparison yet but I'll work on getting one up. This was another 2 coater and the formula was awesome.

Hot Like Lava (bright magenta foil)
This is another of my favourites from this set, due once again to the bold quality of it. The formula was also excellent and it covered in 2 easy coats.

Antiquated (pale champagne foil)
Meh. That's basically what I have to say about this shade. I think it's pretty boring and you've probably already guessed that it's my least favourite from the set. However, the formula was just as great as with the others and once again, my swatch is 2 coats.

Lumin-icecent, Perfect Mol-ten, Foil Me Once

Cold Metal, Hot Like Lava, Antiquated

Overall, this is a nice set, but I don't think it's that special or unique. I was very happy to not see a silver foil in here though! Whenever I think of "foil finish" I immediately think silver, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one, so I'm glad to see that Color Club stepped outside the box in that respect.

My favourite shades are Perfect Mol-ten, Cold Metal and Hot Like Lava. The set also came with a bottle of topcoat but I didn't bother with it myself just because I'm so loyal to my Seche Vite.

The formula was excellent for all of them and each shade was opaque in 2 easy coats. The price is also very reasonable - I got my set for $13.99 at Winners and the Color Club sets can usually be bought in the US at Ross Stores for $8.99.

The Color Club Foiled Collection is available now, but as far as I know it's a limited edition set so if you're interested in these shades, get them while you can.

What do you guys think of the Foiled Collection? Any shades that stand out to you? And if you have any requests for comparisons, please let me know in the comments.

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