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Review & Swatches - OPI Muppets Collection

Hey guys!

Today I have another Holiday 2011 Collection to show you! This one is by OPI and it's one that has created quite a buzz throughout the nail community.

Like I said in my recent haul post, I was lucky to have gotten to my beauty supply store when I did because they hadn't even put the collection out so they just sold me the collection in the original boxes they came shipped in and that even included the displays for no extra charge!

I would normally separate large 12 piece collections into 2 posts but I know how much you all want to see these new Christmas collections so I'm just going to do 1 large post instead.

Keep reading for the review and swatches!

Pepe's Purple Passion (deep wine shimmer)
The shimmer in this one isn't as noticeable as I would like but it's still really pretty, especially when the light hits it and the shimmer stands out. The formula was really easy to work with and it only needed 2 coats for full coverage.

Meep-Meep-Meep (shimmery fuchsia base with small fuchsia flakes throughout)
This one surprised me because it wasn't what I was expecting, but in a good way! I love any type of flakie polish and this one is no exception. The formula was very nice and my swatch is 2 coats.

Designer... de Better! (silver foil with irregular pink and copper micro glitter)
The little flecks of glitter in this makes it really interesting and unlike anything I have in my collection. The formula was really lovely and my swatch is 2 coats.

Wocka Wocka! (wine frost)
This one is probably my least favourite of the collection, only because there's nothing unique or special about it, especially when you compare it to the rest of the shades. However, for the formula was really nice and it covered in 2 easy coats.

Warm & Fozzie (shimmering bronze packed with pink and gold micro shimmer)
The shimmer in this one gives it an almost duochrome-y look that looks pretty rad. Once again, OPI delivered a great formula with 2 coat coverage.

Animal-istic (bright red-coral shimmer)
This one doesn't scream holiday to me but it still fits in with the rest of the collection pretty nicely. Another great formula and my swatch is 2 coats.

Gettin' Miss Piggy With It (clear base with small and large red glitter and large silver glitter)
This is my least favourite of the glitter shades only because I think the glitter in this one is a little dull looking while most of the other glitters have a really shiny, almost foil-like quality. My swatch is 3 coats and as you can see, it's not fully opaque but you might be able to achieve opacity with another coat or 2. However, to save polish, I think most of these glitters would be best used for layering. The formula was easy to work with and it didn't feel too thick, even after the 3 coats.

Gone Gonzo! (clear base packed with small blue glitter and large silver glitter)
I'm glad that I swatched this one next to Gettin' Miss Piggy With It because it really demonstrates what I was talking about above regarding the shiny-ness of most of the glitters vs. the dullness of Gettin' Miss Piggy With It. My swatch for this one is also 3 coats and the formula was easy to work with.

Excuse Moi! (sheer red-pink base packed with silver micro glitter and small multi-coloured glitter)
This one was quite a pleasant surprise! I had originally expected it to be like the other glitters except with pink glitter in the base but it's completely different and it's my favourite of the entire collection. My swatch is 3 coats and it's almost totally opaque but it could use 1 more coat to be sure. The formula of this one was also the best among all of the glitters.

Fresh Frog of Bel Air (clear base packed with small green glitter and large silver glitter)
This is a great Christmas green colour and I think it'll look really good once the holidays actually get closer. Like the other glitters, my swatch is 3 coats and the formula was easy to work with.

Divine Swine (clear base packed with small purple glitter and large silver glitter)
And for the last of this type of glitter, we have a purple one. This isn't the most holiday appropriate shade but the addition of the silver glitter helps it out a little. Again, my swatch is 3 coats and the formula was the same as the other glitters of this type.

Rainbow Connection (multi-coloured and multi-sized glitter packed in a clear base)
I think this is the shade that most people were excited about from this collection and although I'm a total fan of these clown puke glitter shades, we have seen this shade before. In fact, we've seen it a number of times. I'll be sure to do a comparison of this one with shades such as Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday and Milani Gems to show you the similarities as well as any possible differences. My swatch is 3 coats and the formula was easy to work with - it spread easily and I didn't find it difficult to get an even coverage of the glitter.

Pepe's Purple Passion, Meep-Meep-Meep, Designer... de Better!

Wocka Wocka!, Warm & Fozzie, Animal-istic

Gettin' Miss Piggy With It, Gone Gonzo!, Excuse Moi!

Fresh Frog of Bel Air, Divine Swine, Rainbow Connection

Overall, I think OPI hit it way out of the park with this collection. I'm not bored by a single one of these shades and that's a difficult thing to do with a 12 piece collection, let alone a 12 piece holiday collection where plain red and green cremes are pretty commonplace.

Looking back at the press release, I'm even more happy with this collection because the majority of the shades are better in person than in the press photos!

It's hard for me to pick favourites here because I really do love most of these but if I had to choose, my top picks would be Excuse Moi!, Fresh Frog of Bel Air, Designer... de Better! and Meep-Meep-Meep.

The OPI Muppets Collection is available now but if you haven't spotted it yet, it should be popping up more in the next couple of weeks. OPI nail lacquers are available through professional salons and will run you anywhere between $6 and $10 each, depending on where you live and where you find yours.

What do you guys think of the Muppets Collection? Was is what you were expecting? Which ones are your favourites? And I already have a few comparisons lined up but if you have any comparison requests, let me know in the comments.

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