Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Comparison - China Glaze Near Dark vs. OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow

Hey guys!

Today I have another comparison for the China Glaze Haunting Collection for you! This is another that I promised to do from my original review post of this collection.

This comparison is between Near Dark, the deep blackened green jelly from the collection and OPI's Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow which is originally from the 2009 Spain Collection (a.k.a Coleccion de EspaƱa) but I'm pretty sure this can be bought now as part of the permanent line.

Let's see how they compare!

Keep reading for the comparison!

China Glaze Near Dark (from the 2011 Haunting Collection)

OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow (from the 2009 Spain Collection)

China Glaze Near Dark, OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow

These shades actually look much more similar in the bottles than they do on the nail! Near Dark translates much more olive coloured when next to the deep, rich emerald colour of Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow. Also, Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow has a subtle but really pretty shimmer to it while the finish of Near Dark is a shiny, jelly finish.

In terms of formula, Near Dark was a little thick but not difficult to work with and it only required 2 coats to get the opacity you see above. Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow has a really awesome formula and also only required 2 coats. I'm personally a bigger fan of OPI's brush but I also like China Glaze's brush so this will just come down to person preference.

There is a price different between these two polishes but it's not overly significant. China Glaze generally retails for about $4-$7 each at salons and professional beauty supply stores while OPI can also be bought at salons and professional beauty supply stores but for a slightly higher price of anywhere between $6-$10.

My personal choice between the two is definitely Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow. I've had this shade sitting in my stash for a while without realizing just how gorgeous it really is and now I'm head over heels with it. However, as I said in my original review of the Haunting Collection, I really do like Near Dark as well and I believe that these shades are different enough to justify having both of them, so I'm glad that I do.

What do you guys think? Which would be your first choice?

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