Saturday, November 26, 2011

Guest Post - Nerdlacquer Pinin' for the Fjords

Hey guys!

Today I have my very first guest post for you! This post comes from my friend and fellow polish addict Marcy. Marcy will be showing you one of her new Nerdlacquer polishes and she'll be giving you all the info about the Nerdlacquer brand.



Hello Kayla's followers! My name is Marcy the Blogless and I’m very happy to be posting here and sharing this lovely polish with you.

Today I am showing Pinin' for the Fjords by Nerdlacquer. Nerdlacquer’s are available from Amanda on her Etsy shop. Amanda combines two of my loves -- nail polish and all things geeky -- into one amazing package. She has a line of glitter polishes all based on “sci-fi faves and other geekery.” For me it was love at first sight.

Pinin' for the Fjords is part of the Something Completely Different series of polishes inspired by Monty Python's Flying Circus. Nerdlacquer describes Pinin' for the Fjords as “sparkling Norwegian blue with lavender and silver glitter, small and medium sky blue hexagonal glitter, charcoal micro glitter, and large silver hex glitter.” I call it an opaque light slate blue base with lavender, silver and dark gray glitter, blue small hexagonal glitter and silver large hexagonal glitter, so essentially the same description!

Pinin' for the Fjords applied easily and was opaque in 2 coats. The glitter spread out nicely on the nail and the large pieces didn’t have to be individually placed as they often do in these types of polishes.

This is Pinin' for the Fjords taken indoors, no base coat, 2 coats of Pinin' for the Fjords and one coat of Seche Vite. Despite all the glitter my nails feel perfectly smooth with just one coat of Seche Vite on top.

This is Pinin' for the Fjords in the shade.

And Pinin' for the Fjords in the sun.

Here is a close-up so you can see the various kinds of glitter. I reiterate that this was completely smooth with one coat of Seche Vite. The three dimensional look is the glitter suspended in the two different coats. It doesn’t protrude at all. I love how the small glitter pieces looks like they're floating above the big pieces of silver hex glitter.

This is the contents of my package from Nerdlacquer. It is a lousy phone picture as I wasn’t planning to write a blog post about the polishes when I opened the package. I just wanted to share the Nerdy goodness with my polish buddies. Everything was nicely wrapped and tied with a cute ribbon. Amanda included a nerdy flashing ring that my 3-year-old is enjoying.

These are all the polishes I ordered from Nerdlacquer.

Argentum (you can Marcy's guest post on this shade over on Rebecca's blog), Don’t Blink, Outed by a Probot, 500, Event Horizon, I Think You Call Me … Sexy, Cold & Calculating, Pinin’ for the Fjords, All of Time and Space and Crunchy Frog. I got 500 because I bought Nerdlacquer’s 500th bottle of polish! It is a custom bottle she made for me on the spot and included for free.

Just to make you jealous here is a picture of 500, in all its magnificence. Sadly you can’t order it. It’s all mine.

Nerdlacquers are available at bystringtheory and are $8 for a full-size 15ml bottle or $12 for a set of four mini 5ml bottles, including a little gift box. If you like glittery polishes you won’t be disappointed in these. And if you are a nail polish geek who revels in Doctor Who, Monty Python and the like in addition to polish you'll be thrilled. Nerdlacquer has a brand new HOLOday collection you should check out as well!

As a footnote if you want to see the hilarity that Pinin' for the Fjords was named for, watch this video. You will then understand Amanda's description of the gorgeous Pinin' for the Fjords fully and her brilliance in creating this polish.


I hope you guys enjoyed my first guest post by Marcy! If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have known about this really cool brand of polish and now I've got my eyes on quite a few Nerdlacquer polishes so hopefully you'll be seeing more of them here in the future.

Thanks Marcy!

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