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Review & Swatches - China Glaze Eye Candy Collection

Hey guys!

One of my local supply stores has been really awesome lately because they've been getting all of their China Glaze Collections in either early or just on time, which is great because I'm so used to having to wait a while before we get collections here. I hope they continue being so awesome!

Because of the timely-ness of this supplier, today I have another China Glaze Holiday 2011 Collection for you - the Eye Candy Collection. This collection is inspired by the one and only Marilyn Monroe and consists of 6 glitter shades.

Keep reading for the review and swatches!

China Glaze Eye Candy Collection: Material Girl, Blonde Bombshell, Some Like It Haute

China Glaze Eye Candy Collection: Love Marilyn, Marry a Millionaire, Lorelei's Tiara

Material Girl (clear base with small and medium rose glitter and large holographic hex glitter)
The large holographic hex glitter is really sparse in this shade so don't get too excited about the description. It also tends to get sort of lost within the rest of the glitter. This shade reminds me of another shade I own but I can't put my finger on it so I'll have to go through my stash to find out. The formula of this one was a little thicker than the others but it wasn't hard to work with. My swatch is 3 coats.

Blonde Bombshell (clear base with small and medium round gold glitter as well as small gold bar glitter)
I actually didn't even notice the little pieces of gold bar glitter in this polish until I was looking at my photos of it! This is definitely an interesting polish and the addition of the bar glitter makes it more unique than I originally thought it was. The formula was thin but easy to work with. My swatch is 3 coats.

Some Like It Haute (clear base with small charcoal and silver glitter and larger holographic glitter)
This holographic glitter definitely doesn't get lost in this one like it does in Material Girl and there's also a lot more of it. This reminds me of Orly's Rock Solid from the Mineral FX Collection so I'll have to swatch them next to one another to see how they compare.

Love Marilyn (clear base with small red glitter and medium silver glitter)
This one reminds me a lot of Gettin' Miss Piggy With It from the OPI Muppets Collection, but I know there's something different about them because I find myself really liking this one while I know the OPi one wasn't my favourite. I'll have to do a comparison between these two as well to see how they differ. This one is on the sheer side but it built up pretty well with 3 coats.

Marry a Millionaire (clear base with small purple glitter and colour-shifting yellow, green and blue bar glitter)
This is one of those "hairy" looking glitter shades that you either love or hate. Sadly, I think I'm on the hate side. I like the colours and it's definitely unique to my stash but I just can't get past the "hairy" look. This was on the sheer side but the formula was easy to work with. My swatch is 3 coats and as you can see, it's still not opaque so this is definitely better used as a layering polish.

Lorelei's Tiara (clear base with small silver glitter and medium bright blue glitter)
This is easily my favourite shade of this collection - it's stunning and unlike anything I own. This is also one of the most opaque of the bunch and it actually builds to full opacity with 3 coats.

Material Girl, Blonde Bombshell, Some Like It Haute

Love Marilyn, Marry a Millionaire, Lorelei's Tiara

Overall, I really like this collection! There's a number of new and unique shades here that we haven't seen before so that's always exciting.

My personal favourites are Lorelei's Tiara and Love Marilyn.

The China Glaze Eye Candy is available now but if you haven't spotted it yet, it should be popping up more in the next couple of weeks. China Glaze nail lacquers are available through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide and will run you anywhere between $4 and $7 each, depending on where you live and where you find yours.

What do you guys think of this new China Glaze collection? Which shades will you be picking up? And I've already mentioned a couple of comparisons that I plan to do but if you have any other comparison requests, please let me know in the comments.

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  1. Great Now I have another China Glaze collection added to my wish list ah oh well you did an amazing job covering the different colors.


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