Thursday, February 16, 2012

Guest Post - Michelle's Bamboo Nail Art

Hey guys!

Welcome to another guest post! Today's guest poster is the very talented Michelle from Sonoma Nail Art.

Michelle does really amazing freehand work and she makes me want to try my hand at nail art using acrylic paints. If you haven't been to her site before, I urge you to check it out.

Enjoy Michelle's bamboo nail art!

Hi everyone!

I am thrilled to be providing a guest post while Kayla’s poor nails recover from the “Closet Door Incident.” I think we have all learned a valuable lesson from this tragedy: make other people open doors for you.

I was inspired to do this manicure by a picture of a bamboo forest. I give you: Bamboo Nails!

I used two different green polishes as well as acrylic paints to create this manicure.

I started with this green shade from OPI “Who The Shrek Are You?” This is three coats, excuse the mess, I waited for the next layer before cleaning up.

Next I layered two coats of butter LONDON “Dosh” – a gorgeous green glass fleck polish with bits of gold and yellow in it. I picked up this polish on a recent trip to Seattle. Did you know there is a butter LONDON shop in the Sea-Tac airport?! I always stop there when I fly into Seattle. Ha ha!

I added the bamboo stalks using green, yellow, and brown acrylic paints. I mix and thin the paints with water to make sure they are very thin. That gives me lots of control and allows me to fix any mess ups if I have to. At this point in the mani, I was a little worried that this would not look good, but I kept going.

To add definition between the bamboo stalks and to make this actually recognizable as bamboo, I added black and gold stripes along each stalk. I started with gold acrylic paint mixed with brown acrylic paint, and then added the black acrylic paint mixed with gold acrylic paint as a shade under each segment. A coat of quick dry topcoat and it was done! In retrospect, I could have added a little panda bear to this mani, but I think this look is really elegant, and actually fairly easy to do. Just lines really!

Thanks for reading and I hope you take a moment to check out my blog at

Thanks for this great post Michelle! This is really original and well executed - I love it! And your step-by-step photos and explanations are super helpful.

Thanks once again and you're welcome back anytime to do another guest post!

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  1. So very couture! I loved them. The best bamboo nail art I've found.


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