Sunday, March 04, 2012

Featured Blog - February: Goose's Glitter

Hey guys!

Welcome to February's featured blog post!

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February's blog is one that I normally wouldn't choose, simply because I've made a rule for myself that I won't feature blogs that have over 500 followers, and this one does have slightly more than 500. However, in this case I've made an exception because I think this is one of those blogs that deserves A LOT more attention than it's getting.

On this blog you'll find some really amazing swatches, which is my main reason for choosing to feature Goose's Glitter. The photos are large, very clear and spot-on colour accurate. Seriously, these are excellent quality swatches. Also, there's some fun nail art scattered throughout all of the great swatches. And as if all that isn't enough to make you rush over there and follow, the blog itself is clean, stream-lined and easy to navigate, which I always love. What more can one ask for?

Here's a sneak peak of her work, which is a nail art design of the well-known standard colour blind test. This is the photo that piqued my interest for this blog and then after following and browsing, I realized how worthy it is of more attention.

As far as I'm concerned, this is a must-follow blog, so keep reading for more info and more photos!

This swatch made me want Pretty and Polished Jawbreaker more than I already did, which I didn't think was possible.

These are only a few of the really great posts she's made so be sure to head over to see more!
Click here to be taken directly to Goose's Glitter.

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  1. some awesome nail designs and looks from her! the first is AMAZING

  2. The first one was just wow! Love the idea..

  3. I love her blog! She always has wonderful pictures and great designs.

  4. oh thats funny! In science on Friday we took a color blind test that looked just like this (:

  5. Wow, gorgeous photos! Need to check this blog out!

  6. Uau, the nail art is amazing, and the nail polishes used fantastic. The photos are really good!

  7. Goose is awesome <3. Especially since I learned the water trick from here for duo/multichromes!

  8. Thank you guys sooo much for all your compliments, and thank you also to Kayla for featuring me!

    <3 Goose


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