Thursday, March 29, 2012

Featured Blog - March: Amber Did It!

Good morning!

Welcome to March's featured blog post!

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March's blog is one that was suggested to me by some polish friends on Facebook. To my surprise, I had actually seen some of Amber's work before and I was taken aback when I learned that she had a blog! I decided right away that she would be this month's feature.

On her blog you'll find a lot of amazingly done freehand nail art, as well as some stamping, reviews and swatches mixed in as well.

Here's a sneak peak of her work (and probably my personal favourite of her designs):

Keep reading to see more of Amber's great nail art!

These are only a few of the really great posts she's made so be sure to head over to see more from her!
Click here to be taken directly to Amber Did It!

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  1. judging by the pics you put her, she's awesome, thanks for sharing her blog with us :-D

  2. Wow! They are all so very neat!

  3. Wow! Such awesome designs. Love her blog, she is quite talented!!!

  4. She's very talented!! Thank's for sharing her blog!!!

  5. The first design reminds me of the packaging of the mac shop cook collection :) Pretty!

  6. Her work looks great! Love those manis!

  7. These are all so cute!! I am defiantly going to follow her!!

  8. I love her blog! Already a follower, but her blog def deserves the spot light :)

  9. Once again a great choice, thanks Kayla!


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