Sunday, April 29, 2012

Haul - Color Club, China Glaze & Nail-Venturous

Hey guys!

Sorry that I've been slacking on posts lately. Unfortunately, our little hedgehog Pepper is sick and we've been focusing a lot of attention on him. I apologize in advance if posting becomes sporadic because of this.

Today's post is a haul that includes polishes I've acquired over the last few weeks. I haven't been doing many hauls lately because I really haven't been buying that much. But the polishes I'm going to show you today are all ones I've been wanting for a while.

Warning: I had to take these photos with my phone, so they're not the best quality.

China Glaze Summer Neons Collection: Love's a Beach, Ride the Waves, Orange You Hot?, Under the Boardwalk, Sun-Kissed, Pink Plumeria

China Glaze Summer Neons Collection: Surfin' For Boys, Beach Cruise-r, I'm With the Lifeguard, Flirty Tankini, Splish Splash, Hang-ten Toes

You all know how I love neon polishes so there was just no way I was going to pass up an entire 12 piece neon collection! A lot of these have a subtle shimmer to them that is really pretty and makes them a little more unique than your average neon shades.

Color Club Take Wing Collection: Wing Fling, Daisy Does It, Sparkle and Soar, Fly With Me, Metamorphosis, Sky High

I've been excited about this collection since I first saw the promo pics and it recently started showing up at Winners stores in my area. Sadly, they're only available in packs of 2 for $8. That's much more expensive than the usual $13.99 for entire 6-7 piece collections. So, the first time I saw them, I exercised some level of willpower and didn't get any. However, I was at Winners Friday evening and I just couldn't pass on them again, so they all came home with me.

Nail-Venturous: Floam

I've actually had this gem for a number of weeks but I haven't tried it yet, so I figured it still qualified to be included in this haul post. My bottle of Floam actually came straight from Amy herself, which is why I have a different label than the store-bought ones! I know you've seen endless swatches of this, but I'll be showing it to you again in an upcoming post. I mean, it's not like you can ever get sick of Floam anyways!

Ok, I'm going to go back to my low-buy now, I swear.


  1. So many gorgeous nail polishes!
    I hope Pepper gets better :)

  2. These polishes are really cute!

    By the way i hope little pepper gets peppy again real soon!

  3. WOW~ I didn't know you were in Newfoundland. If you can purchase form TD or H2T beauty they normally have the Color Club in set(7)so much cheaper $17.00 USD, If it would be cheaper shipping wise for you. Nice haulage. hugs to pepper :)

  4. I didn't know the Summer Neons was out there yet! I was wondering if they are a bit similar to the Poolside collection

  5. I'm curious. Where do you get your Color Club polishes??

  6. Love those neons!! I hope Pepper gets better soon <3

  7. Feel better soon Pepper!

    I need to get on the neon bandwagon, I've got a few that I need to try out.

  8. I about fell over last week when I ran into out tiny town's Rite Aide. We never have had many collections of anything and there sat the new glittering Color Club collection on one of the displays! The teal was gone but I picked up the rest of the shades and love them - esp the yellow! It looks a lot like CG's Lighthouse - they are really similar in color. I have to make my way to a Sally's to see if they have the summer neons in yet - I only last winter got my fav last 2 of the 2010 CG neons! Nice to see these 2012 ones are totally different than 2010 shades.

  9. Cannot wait to see your swatches of the CG ones!

  10. I hope your hedgehog gets better!


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