Thursday, April 05, 2012

Pretty & Polished - Valentino

I'm back!

After posting a few days ago to let you guys know that I would be taking a short break to work on a couple of projects, I came down with a nasty cold that kept me from doing anything at all for the last three days. So, I didn't actually get to work on either of my projects, but I'm going to be focusing on them this weekend. However, I didn't want to take anymore time away from blogging so I'm here today with a review of another Pretty and Polished shade for you!

The polish I'm showing you today is called Valentino and it's a mix of multi-sized black and white glitter in a clear base. The glitter is densely packed enough so that you do get a lot on the brush, but it's wouldn't be opaque on its own, so it's definitely a layering polish.

Valentino was easy to work with and I really didn't have to do too much fussing around to get the glitter pieces to go where I wanted them to. I did have to fish through the bottle to get a couple of the big white pieces on my brush, though.

For my swatch I decided to layer Valentino over China Glaze Custom Kicks, which is a gorgeous teal with gold flash from the Summer 2009 Kicks Collection. My photos show 2 coats of Custom Kicks and 1 coat of Valentino.

I actually liked this combination so much that I added a top coat and left this on as a full mani!

Pretty and Polished polishes can be bought through Chelsea's Etsy shop. Valentino is sold out right now but Chelsea is always updating her stock, so keep checking.


  1. Gorgeous! I just bought this last night and can't wait for it to come!

  2. I love that you have put it over that colour it looks fantabulous!! xxx

  3. This combo looks absolutely gorgeous!

  4. love the combo and the glitter polish looks awesome!


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