Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Featured Blog - April: The Nail Buff

Hey guys!

Look how on time I am with this post! I'm usually late with my featured posts but I'm totally punctual this time.

This month's feature is a blog that is relatively new to me and it's one that I just sort of stumbled upon. The Nail Buff features both freehand and stamping nail art, as well as really nice, clear polish swatches. The blog design is simple and not overwhelming and the author clearly takes really good care of her nails.

One of my favourite posts from her is this simple, yet amazing nude and blue funky french. It's such an unconventional colour scheme but it looks awesome!

And then there's this great stamping design that I think is very me. It's bright, it's colourful and the execution is flawless. I love it!

Keep reading to see more of her work! 

That's just a small sample of her work so head over to her blog to see more!

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  1. Amazing, she's very talented *-*

  2. wow! those are lovely design with lovely color :)

  3. I can't begin to say how flattered I am to be featured like this, by the amazing Kayla Shevonne no less! Yours is one of my drool-over-and-wish-I-was-better blogs.
    Thank you for totally making my day!

    1. You're so welcome - you 100% deserve it! :)

  4. I love them all, she's so talented!

  5. absolutely love the blue tip mani!! So unique :)

  6. A very unusual combo for the first manicure, I really love it! And the second one is so colorful and funny. :)

  7. Oh wow, the hearts look fantastic. I can never draw proper hearts, I have to use polish that have the tiny glitter hearts. /sad

  8. thanks for sharing, I really love those pictures! :)

  9. One is better then the other! Very talented!

  10. Another fantastic feature!! I'm in love with the blue tipped french!! <3


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