Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Faux Water Marble Using the New 2012 Bundle Monster Plates!

Hey guys!

Last night I did a full manicure using Color Club Space Case from last year's Starry Temptress Collection. It wasn't long before I was bored with a plain solid colour, so I decided to spruce it up with some stamping using the new Bundle Monster plates!

There were so many awesome images to choose from, but I settled on the faux water marble image from BM-320. This is a great image for those who have difficulties with water marbling (I did myself for the longest time) or who just don't have the time or patience for it!

I used Konad Special Polish White for the stamping and the image transferred really well. This set of plates is by far my favourite set from Bundle Monster and I'm sure you'll be seeing many more designs using these plates!

I snapped a photo of Space Case on its own before I added the stamping, so I might as well add that in here as well. Space Case is the definition of a barbie polish. Not only is it the perfect barbie pink colour, but the addition of tiny glitter specks makes it even more girly.

The new Bundle Monster plates can be purchased here on the Bundle Monster website. The set includes 25 plates and sells for $21.99.

Did you pick up the new Bundle Monster plates? What do you think of my quick and easy faux water marble?


  1. Wow! I thought it was a real water marble! got confused as to why im not seeing any stamping!! Has a real effect I like it!

  2. The stamping accent nail looks exactly like a water marble. Love the pink polish!

  3. nossa ficou linda essa nail art, Se puder da uma passadinha no meu blog ta rolando uma enquete dos esmaltes holográficos da Jade, Bejus

  4. woa! same look...wayyyy easier than having to do the real process

  5. wow, once again I NEED these new plates! I'm very bad at water marble^^
    Your pics are great!

  6. I can't believe I still haven't purchased these plates yet ! There are so many interesting designs !

  7. such a cute colour and looks so nice!

  8. wow, I really didnt understand that it wasnt water marbling at first! so cute!

  9. This is such a beautiful mani. I love everything which has pink in it lol


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