Thursday, July 12, 2012

Illamasqua - Kink

Hey everyone!

About a month ago, my Dad brought me home some Illamasqua polishes from when he was on vacation in Florida. I still hadn't gotten around to trying them out, so I started swatching them for you today.

The four shades he got for me are Nomad, Stsnce, Phallic and Kink. Three out of four of them were on my wishlist, so it was quite a pleasant gift!

Today I'm showing you Illamasqua Kink, which was released with the Fall 2011 Theatre of the Nameless Collection. It's a rich forest green creme with a rubber-like finish, which is the finish that all of the polishes from this collection were designed to have.

My swatch is two coats of Kink without top coat in order to show you the rubber finish. Personally, I'm undecided about the finish. Do I like it, or do I hate it? I'm not sure yet! Of course, there's always the options of adding top coat to make it shiny or adding a matte top coat to make it completely matte, so it doesn't really matter if I like this finish or not since I can alter it however I like.

As I've come to expect from Illamasqua polishes, the formula was absolutely stellar. Honestly, as much as I hate the $14 price tag, Illamasqua polishes are actually worth it. I own almost 20 Illamasqua shades (although I wish I had more!) and I've yet to find one with a formula that wasn't near flawless.

So, did you pick up any of the Theatre of the Nameless polishes? What do you think of the rubber finish?


  1. It looks great! I don´t own any Illamasqua nail polishes.

  2. I absolutely love it! It looks amazing! I've never tried this brand before.

  3. I love this brand and this color is amazing on you

  4. I also think they are totally worth the price! I have Vice and Faux Pas from this collection, and I love the finish!

  5. That is so pretty! I love the colour... I don't have any of their polishes but I think I would like the finish. (Also, I lol'd that your dad bought you a polish called "Phallic". Bahahaha.)

    1. Haha! Major points for Dad right there.

  6. This is a beautiful colour on you Kayla!


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