Saturday, July 07, 2012

Lush Lacquer - Mr. Bubble

Good morning!

Today I have yet another Lush Lacquer shade for you! You'll be seeing a lot of this brand since I recently received an order of 8 of their polishes!

The shade I'm showing you today is Mr. Bubble and it's a clear base with a mix of small, medium and large matte glitter in pink, blue and white.

For my swatch, I layered one coat of Mr. Bubble over my favourite one coat pastel blue - Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau. This combination screams "baby shower" to me! In a good way, of course. Does anyone else get that vibe?

The formula and application were quite good and I had no troubles getting the bigger hexagonal pieces on my brush. I also didn't have to do any placing of the glitter - it all flowed nicely and evenly onto my nails.

This is definitely another winning polish from Lush Lacquer! It's no wonder this is one of their most popular shades!

Mr. Bubble, along with many other fun glittery shades can be purchased via Lush Lacquer's Etsy shop. Mr. Bubble is currently in stock in the full (15 ml) size for $8.75 USD. You can also purchase Mr. Bubble in the mini (5 ml) size.

What do you guys think of Mr. Bubble?


  1. gorgeous! I totally see the baby shower vibe!

  2. I just got this and haven't tried it yet!

  3. Love it!! It looks great over baby blue!

  4. I love this, you totally make me want to buy this!

  5. this is so much fun! It goes amazingly over that blue.

  6. I love this one! I hope to get it soon.

  7. This will perhaps show my age, but, I think that the polish looks just like its namesake. It totally reminds me of the box of Mr. Bubble I had as a kid. I have this one and like you I have several others from Lush Lacquer. Love them all!

  8. I have yet to swatch my Mr. Bubble - but your right - this does scream baby shower (in a good way)!


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