Saturday, September 15, 2012

31 Day Challenge - Day 15: Delicate Print

Hey guys!

We're just about half way through the challenge now! I thought that I would be totally stressing out by now, but it's actually going quite well!

The theme today is delicate print, and I actually have two different manicures to show you today. My original manicure was good and I did like it, but I realized after removing it that my photos of it turned out kind of crappy. At first I just said "oh well", but the perfectionist in me won over, so I came up with an entirely new design and started over again.

Let's take a look at my "official" day 15 manicure, and then I'll show you my first design at the end of the post.

In keeping with my goal to perfect my stamping skills, I had decided that today would be a full image stamping day. I actually think I've gotten to be a pretty good stamper, despite all of the problems I had starting out. And I'm glad I stuck with it and kept trying, because stamping really opens up a lot of options that freehanding doesn't always offer!

For this design, I started with a base of OPI Pink Friday. I then did some colour blocking with China Glaze Rich & Famous and China Glaze Traffic Jam. The rose image came from BM-323 and I stamped it on using Konad White. The end result doesn't exactly scream delicate, but the rose print itself definitely is.

And now for my photo fail manicure.

For this one, I started with a base of China Glaze For Audrey and then I stamped the sort of vine-y/floral image from BM-314 on using Konad White. I then freehanded white french tips using a striping brush.

As I said above, I did like the manicure, but there was too much glare in all of my photos. It's sort of a happy accident though, because I did end up liking the rose design more than this one.

So that's fifteen manis down, sixteen more to go! I'll see you all tomorrow with some tribal nail art!


  1. I am a rose freak, so I love, love, love, love this rose print manicure. I never thought about stamping, but now I am going to look into it. Beautiful!

  2. Both of them are so gorgeous, but the second one seems more delicate for me - must be the detail!

  3. I LOVE the second one you did, I feel like the first one would have looked nicer without the tips, but I'm not crazy about french tips anyway haha

  4. gorgeous! I love your rose design :D

  5. Such a beautiful design Kayla! I love your design eye—you consistently create great art! And the second one is nice too....we tend to be overly critical of ourselves. You did a great job! ~Ana from Simple Nail Art Tips

  6. i love how the stripes pink looks like pink metallic under the stamping, or at least it did to my eyes! beautiful!

  7. Stripes and roses. Looks amazing. Love it :) xx


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