Monday, October 01, 2012

31 Day Challenge - Day 31: Recreate a Manicure You Love

Hey guys!

Can you believe that we're at the end of the challenge? It went by so fast!

The prompt today is to recreate a manicure you love, which can be interpreted in many different ways. Do I recreate one of my own favourite designs? Someone else's? Someone else's who also participated in the challenge? Just any random manicure that I love?

For me, I chose to share the love and recreate a mani by someone else who's also been doing the challenge this month - my good friend Rebecca of Rebecca Likes Nails. She's done some really amazing designs during this challenge, so I had plenty to choose from.

I was originally set on recreating her day 9 rainbow design, that is until she posted her day 27 inspired by art design! She used Andy Warhol (in particular, the NARS Andy Warhol makeup collection) as her inspiration, and her mani was so cool!

I think that day 27 really turned out to be my favourite day of the whole challenge. Not just because I loved my own design that day, but I really loved everyone else's as well. I saw many amazing designs in my reader that day, including this one by Rebecca, of course.

I don't own the same black and white that Rebecca used, but that was no biggie since all black and white cremes look basically the same. I do own the same purple though (Color Club Pucc-licious), so I was able to easily replicate the colouring of her mani.

I really love how this turned out! And it's deceptively easy to do!

Well that ends the 31 day challenge! Thank you to everyone who checked back every single day to see my designs - you provided me with the motivation to complete every mani. :)

I think I'll take a day or two off from posting just to regroup and do some swatching that I've been putting off during the challenge. But I'll be back in a couple of days and then I'll be starting my Halloween nail art designs!


  1. Gorgeous! This was one of my favourites from Rebecca too! Just stunning!
    Congrats on completing the challenge! I was always so excited to see what you came up with everyday!

  2. Love this! You and rebecca both did a gorgeous job with this design! :) And I'm sad your challenge is over, you did some fabulous manicures :)

  3. Very pretty! Love the purple flowers, just a little spring on this cold, windy and rainy day in the Netherlands :)

    Greetzz, Renata

  4. Looks gorgeous, just like the original design from Rebecca! FYI, WnW On a Trip and Revlon Modern Grace are both very close to the color of CC Puccilicious.

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