Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Fail Nails Turned Halloween Animal Print Nails

Hey guys!

Surprise, surprise, more animal print from Kayla Shevonne! What can I say, I love wearing animal print on my nails!

To be honest though, this mani is actually the product of pure frustration. See, I sat down originally to do a Halloween water marble. I've had success with marbling recently, so I thought my streak would continue. Boy was I wrong!

First off, one of the oranges I chose (Zoya Arizona) got muddled together with the black and white I was using. Ok, fine, one nail to re-do. I moved on to the next nail and stupidly smudged that one with my orange stick in the water. Ok, fine, that's two nails to re-do. The next three nails all worked out great.

I went back and re-did the first two. Ok, one hand down. Time to clean up before moving on to the the other hand. Then, during clean-up, I somehow managed to knock over my little dish of acetone onto two of my already completed nails. I'm already pretty frustrated, so this got me even more mad. So I said screw it and removed everything.

Of course, at this point, I'd been doing my nails for over an hour and a half, so I'd already devoted enough of my time to this design with absolutely nothing to show for it. So what do I do when I'm in a time crunch but still want fun nail art? Animal print! So that's the story of how this design came to be. Some of you might recognize it because I've done it before, just with different colours.

Annnnnyways, the polish I used as the base colour for this design is OPI A Roll in the Hague. Using my striper brush, I added the zebra print to two accent nails, and then using the same brush, I blocked off a section of the print using Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme. Finally, in the black section, I added some cheetah spots using a small detail brush and Wet 'n' Wild French White.

Although this mani looks decent here, it's looking pretty banged up as I write this. I broke another two nails last night, this time on my car door, and of course they're both on my swatching hand.

Needless to say, this hasn't been a very good nail week for me.


  1. amazing! i love the half zebra half leopard!

  2. Haha, with all the struggle you came across, these nails turned out great!!


  3. When all else fails I always resort to animal print haha!

  4. So LOVE this mani! Your free hand animal print is pure perfection!

  5. I think we all have days like yours when your mani goes all wrong. It's actually comforting to know that even a supertalent like you can still have them. You ended up with a really cute mani in the end!

  6. These are gorgeous just a lovely twist on halloween nails :)

    Jazz x

  7. *hugs* I hope your streak of bad luck has ended! I think maybe it has, since the outcome ended up being a really cute mani :) x

  8. I'm always amazed by how good your free-hand zebras always turn out. So spectacular!


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