Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Orly Spellbound Collection - My Picks

Hey guys!

This year's Orly Halloween Collection consists of four polishes - three new Glam FX shades as well as a re-promote of Orly's black creme polish from their regular line.

I didn't pick up the black creme, and I skipped on one of the Glam FX shades because it seemed like something I'd seen before. The other two shades, however, are both unique and fun, so I'll be showing you those today.

Monster Mash is a fun mix of green, teal and and holo glitters in a green tinted base. The glitters are small and larger hexes as well as short bars. Since the collection includes Orly's black creme, Liquid Vinyl, I figured it would be appropriate to use a black creme as the "underwear" for this polish. The formula was really easy to work with and my swatch is one coat over the black creme.

Right Amount of Evil is an orange tinted base with a mix of red, orange and holo glitters. The glitters range from super small and densely packed to larger hexes and short bars. The formula was also really great with this one and I once again layered it over a black creme.

The Orly Spellbound Collection is limited edition and available this month at Sally Beauty Supply.

What do you guys think of these two shades? Did you pick up any polishes from the Spellbound Collection?


  1. These are the two I picked up as well! Perfect for halloween and cute names too:)

  2. Oo, I like Monster Mash. Not so sure about Right Amount of Evil... it seems to have more color in the base, maybe I'd like it better over not-black? It's interesting that bar glitter has made such a resurgence.

  3. monster mash looks an awful lot like mermaid to me...until i noticed the bar glitters

  4. Oie, bom dia querida!!!
    Uauuuuuuuuu, arrasou no esmalte heim amiga, parabéns!!!
    Desejo uma ótima terça-feira, um beijo, Ariana.

  5. You made these look awesome.I didn't want them at first, but I've changed my mine.

  6. oooooh they are both so pretty!!

  7. Both nice. One for spring, the other for autumn.

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