Saturday, October 06, 2012

Review & Swatches - China Glaze Wicked Collection

Hi everyone!

How has everyone been over these past few days? I felt kind of worn out after completing the 31 Day Challenge, so I took a few more days off than I had intended to. I caught up on some reading, watched some shows that I had recorded on the DVR and did some much needed housework.

But now it's time to jump right back into the swing of things and I'll be starting that by showing you the new Halloween collection by China Glaze!

Keep reading for swatches and the full review!

Bizarre Blurple is a rich violet with blue shimmer. It doesn't seem super unique to me, but it's still rather pretty. The formula was good and my swatch shows two coats.

Cast a Spell is an amazing blackened olive base with heavy green and gold shimmer. This is like a cracked out version of China Glaze Wagon Trail! I'll have to do a comparison for you at a later date. The formula was excellent and my swatch is two coats.

Glitter Goblin is a clear base packed with small-sized pieces of rusty orange, silver and holographic glitter. Here I've shown one coat over China Glaze Roguish Red. I thought I would like this shade much more than I actually do. To me, it just looks so much better in the bottle. I don't know, maybe it's the layering combination I chose. I really want to love it, I just don't. It is a unique addition to my collection though, so I'm happy about that.

Immortal is a cool grey with fuchsia, blue and silver shimmer. The shimmer in this one is really pretty and makes it unique in my collection. The formula was ok, but it was sort of thick and it didn't want to spread evenly. In my opinion, the colour is worth the slight hassle caused by the formula, though.

Make a Spectacle is a clear base with beautiful iridescent glitters mixed throughout. This is like China Glaze Snowglobe but 100x better! Snowglobe has a slight yellowish tint to it that I've never liked, but this doesn't have that at all. I've shown it here layered over Immortal, but I know that this will look great over many other colours as well.

Roguish Red is a orange-red creme. I find this to be more orange than red, but obviously the name implies that it's meant to be a red. It's not the most unique colour, but the formula was excellent, so that's a plus. My swatch shows two coats.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with this collection. There's a variety of colours and finishes, so everyone should be able to find something they like. My favourites are definitely Cast a Spell, Immortal and Make a Spectacle.

The China Glaze Wicked Collection is available now, so check your local beauty supply shops. The shades are all available individually, but there's also a four piece set that includes Bizarre Blurple, Glitter Goblin, Roguish Red as well as Ghoulish Glow (China Glaze's glow-in-the-dark topcoat).

Check back tomorrow for some halloween nail art with one of the shades from this collection!


  1. Make a Spectacle is so gorgeous!

  2. I love China Glaze Halloween Collections!! My fave is Zombie Zest from 2010.
    From this collection I bought Cast A Spell and Immortal. Both are so pretty. Wearing Cast A Spell at the moment and I'm really in love!
    Your swatches are amazing... as always!

    1. And PS: I added you to my Link-Love-List! Just wanted to let you know! ;)

  3. The swatches are great (as always!!!), but I have to say I'm disappointed with this collection :( I like Cast a Spell and Bizarre Blurple, but I'm not super exited about them. Well, I hope that China Glaze will do something great for Christmas :)

  4. I love immortal too but if I buy one more gray polish I'm going to scream. I'm buying up all these fall polishes like there aren't other seasons ahead.

  5. Lovely swatches!! I bought the 4-piece set and Make a Spectacle yesterday <3

  6. I have Make a Spectacle and love it! I've swatched it over a ton of colors, it looks great over most of them.

  7. I need to get Bizarre Blurple and Cast a Spell. Thanks for the swatches

  8. I've been waiting to see some swatches of these! Glitter goblin doesn't look like what I expected at all! and make a skeptical looks so much better then I originally thought! Thank you!

    Jazz x

  9. Immortal immediately made my wish list :)

  10. Ahh I really want Make A Spectacle + Immortal! Lovely swatches :)

  11. I need Make a Spectacle in my life.

  12. i love immortal!!! and also roguish red!

  13. I didnt want any color from this collection until my friend sent me the link to your swatches, now I think I want almost everything. LOL
    Does anyone know if Rainforest from Revlon Colorstay is similar to Cast a Spell?

  14. the swatches look great. But I came upon this journal on DA
    and it looks like the packaging artwork was stolen... quite surprising from such a big company^^;

  15. I really like Cast a Spell, it is gorgeous!

  16. I felt the same way about Glitter first. I also tried layering it over Roguish Red, was unimpressed, and immediately took it off. But I later tried layering it over Sephora by OPI I Think I Cayenne (a burnt orange shimmer--perfect for fall) and fell in love. I did one coat of $OPI and 3 thin coats of Glitter Goblin, and holy holo, it was a sparkly glittery wonder. :)

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  19. I advise you to try Glitter Goblin on its own. In 3 to 4 coats it's opaque and so gorgeous!!


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